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Council Position No. 2

Christie Sanam Lo

Christie Sanam Lo



Education: Bachelors of Science, University of Central Florida
Occupation: Program Manager, Amazon

A leader is not just someone who puts their own policy into practice, but someone who listens to their cohort and takes advice from a diverse pool of voices. Bellevue is precious and special to be comprised of such diversity and it deserves a leader that can be a binding thread between its people and its issues.

My goal is to be a data driven leader. To seek out not just issues, but their root causes, and to work with my peers to build policy to address them. I want to ensure that voices that have been afraid to speak have a platform to be heard. In an age with unprecedented division, I truly believe that focusing on the issues rather than political alignment can bring about a better version of Bellevue.

I am passionate about diversity and inclusion, economic and social justice, affordable housing, climate change, and approve of ranked choice voting.

I am endorsed by LD 48 Dems, Mona Das, Jeremy Barksdale and Janice Zahn

Johan Christensen

Johan Christensen

PO BOX 3005


Education: Master's in Philosophy, University of Chicago
Occupation: Writer, former teacher

Over the course of the last two decades, Bellevue has seen an enormous amount of growth. The private sector has thrived - as companies continue to expand, offices get built, apartments get built, and people move to Bellevue and start their lives. It is hard to drive down the street in Bellevue and not see huge new buildings. With these rapid changes taking place, it is essential we don’t overlook the importance of the arts, our parks, and our schools as Bellevue continues to develop. Raised in Bellevue his entire life, Johan has a first hand account of growing up in Bellevue and is centering these issues and others in his commitment to keeping Bellevue a safe and wonderful place to move to and raise a family.

Dexter Borbe

Dexter Borbe

P.O. Box 40327


(425) 998-7504

Education: MBA, MIT Sloan School of Management; BS Electrical Engineering, University of the Philippines
Occupation: Small business owner; former renewable energy executive; Amazon alum

I am running for Bellevue City Council because it is time for a new generation of more energic and imaginative leaders to join the City Council.

My highest priority is to make sure Bellevue remains a safe and vibrant place to live and work. I will work with Bellevue Schools to maintain our top-notch schools and to preserve and expand our parks that add to the quality of life. Another priority is expanding businesses in Bellevue to avoid the commute into Seattle and other cities.

I also want to expand health care accessibility for seniors and create transportation options to reduce gridlock. Bellevue also needs to address housing affordability for young families and seniors who want to downsize.

As a business owner who provides home health care to seniors, I will bring years of leadership and operational experience to improve city services. I am a father, husband, and son, and I seek a brighter future for all families in Bellevue. I would like to ask for your vote and opportunity to serve you. I hope I can count on your vote!

Conrad Lee

Conrad Lee

4409 138TH AVE SE


(425) 747-0468

Education: B.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan; MBA, University of Washington Foster Business School
Occupation: Boeing Engineer; Seattle Solid Waste Utility Manager; Small Business Owner

You have consistently elected me to be your Bellevue Councilmember and your voice. I'm privileged to represent you as the most trustworthy vote on the City Council for lowering taxes, cutting wasteful spending, and creating jobs.


Bellevue is recovering well from the COVID-19 pandemic. With sound financial management, we have increased funding for public safety to keep the city safe and maintaining essential services and investments without increasing the property tax rate. Our public schools are ranked the best.  With a multicultural, diverse, and engaged community and people, global talents, vibrant businesses, and excellent quality of life, Bellevue is poised for the future!


I listen to you. I support lower taxes, public safety, neighborhood quality of life, investments in transportation options, technology, and affordable housing. I'm ready to tackle new opportunities as well as challenges with collaborative partnerships and innovative solutions on your behalf.


I am accessible, accountable, and transparent. As an immigrant, I am proud to be an “American by Choice” fighting for what too many take for granted - “Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for all!” There is more to do. Endorsed by Bellevue Firefighters, I ask for your vote and your continued trust to represent you.


26 en-US Production

TTY: Relay 711

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