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Education: Minnesota born. University educated in Germany, Sweden, and America: Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees.
Occupation: Taking the many jobs prosperity pathway, SpaceGuy became an owner.

Elect Prosperous, Octogenarian Goodspaceguy King County Executive (SpaceGuy for short.) To prepare our minds for our amazing future, let us start referring to Planet Earth as Spaceship Earth. On Spaceship Earth, we travel through space around our Sun within our Milky Way Galaxy.

Ages ago, life from Earth’s oceans rose up and gradually colonized the land, a great achievement. Now life’s new destiny is to rise up again and gradually colonize orbital space. SpaceGuy imagines many of your descendants moving up to the greatness of the orbital space colonies.

On Spaceship Earth, SpaceGuy wants to raise the living standard by abolishing the job-destroying Minimum Wage of the Command Economy of stagnant Socialism. The Minimum Wage causes job loss and promotes homelessness and shoplifting. Declare the crime promoting Minimum Wage unconstitutional. Make King County safer.

Government moratoriums on rental evictions are harmful and will probably decrease the supply of rental housing, thereby increasing rents, harming the renters whom the government was trying to help. Move away from the Command Economics of stagnant Socialism. Socialism is always so out of balance and wasteful that it caused East Germans to risk their lives fleeing to West Germany after World War 2.

Starting in King County, let us see how high we can raise the living standard by returning to the economics of Capitalism, where Supply and Demand rapidly adjust wages and prices in search of Profits. Profits are the reward incentives that create employment under Capitalism. Greater profits, greater employment! SpaceGuy wants to make it easy for the homeless and others to get jobs. Starting with King County, let us reject the Command Economy of stagnant Socialism. Embrace the Free Market Economy of Capitalistic Consumerism. Let the Consumers and Taxpayers lead. Elect Goodspaceguy as King County Executive.

Dow Constantine

Dow Constantine

PO BOX 16285


(319) 400-5932

Education: University of Washington: BA, MA Urban Planning, Law; West Seattle High School
Occupation: King County Executive; former Councilmember, Senator, Representative; Attorney; Planner

When COVID-19 arrived here—the first place in the country—I took swift, decisive action. We led with science and reason, saving thousands of lives. The New York Times reported that had America followed our lead, “the nation could have avoided more than 300,000 coronavirus deaths.” As we emerge from the pandemic, I’m bringing that same clarity and resolve to the toughest challenges—homelessness, racial bias, public safety, climate action, and uniting our region for an economic recovery where everyone can thrive.


We are taking bold action on homelessness, moving thousands of chronically homeless people off the streets this year, into housing with the services to restore lives. Through Best Starts for Kids, we’ve kept 10,000 children and families safely housed. This crisis, worsened by the pandemic, requires both compassion and the proven ability to drive actual change. 


We’re improving public safety—and public trust: Gun violence prevention, aid to victims of domestic violence, and collaboration with communities to create real safety and appoint a new sheriff. We’re helping kids stay in school, graduate, and avoid the criminal legal system—driving down youth detention nearly 10-fold.


Urgent action on climate—I’ve led the fight for regional light rail, made Metro the Best Large Transit Agency in North America (2018), and launched the conversion to all-electric buses; protected miles of forests, farmlands, and shorelines; and planted over one million trees.


Progressive, visionary leadership—that’s why I’m endorsed by Governors Inslee, Gregoire, and Locke; 40 Democratic legislators; MLK Labor, SEIU, UFCW, Nurses, Firefighters, and Building Trades unions; Washington Conservation Voters; Alliance for Gun Responsibility; and diverse community leadership. My parents—retired public school teachers—taught me values of service and community. Shirley and I are raising our daughter in the same West Seattle neighborhood where I grew up.

Johnathon Crines

Johnathon Crines

14228 55TH AVE S


Education: Bachelor’s in Political Economics and History, from the College of Idaho.
Occupation: Security Guard, Fortune Casino Tukwila, Sole Proprietor, Tapata Design Company

It is a matter of indisputable fact that the country will never be the same after COVID-19. We may return to a version of our normal lives before the pandemic, but the damage has been done. Systems we trusted broke down and failed, and as a result, many people died. What we need, is systematic change. We deserve better leadership more committed to the ideals of this great nation. I am that leadership, committed in my entirety to providing liberty and justice for everyone. Ensuring a more prosperous future for all of us.

My name is Johnathon Crines. For the last four years, I have studied political economics and history at the College of Idaho. What I bring to this office is expertise in the science of government itself and the innovative knowledge of the latest developments in the field from across the globe. In my studies, I have found problems, local and national, that desperately need solving. Our education system, public infrastructure, environmental protection, healthcare policy, and justice system, all need reform, to live up to our nation's founding principles.

I have studied the way discrimination and social inequality still infect our society. And I have learned the way these problems have been combated: by reforming the institutions that promote discrimination. Over the course of this campaign, I have written and published my plans to do so in painstaking detail. I have executed my campaign the way I intend to execute my office: with absolute transparency.

Like it or not the country and the county will never be the same after COVID. But we can rebuild our county stronger than before in terms of economic growth, environmental protection, educational advancement and social justice. For a better tomorrow for all of us, I humbly ask for your vote.

Joe Nguyen

Joe Nguyen

PO BOX 23037


(206) 801-0219

Education: Bachelor’s in Finance/Humanities from Seattle University with a minor in Economics
Occupation: Senior Program Manager, Microsoft & State Senator, 34th Legislative District

After 12 years of current leadership failing to solve our biggest problems like homelessness, it's time for change. As we recover from this pandemic, we need an Executive who will change the system right now and leaders that reflect the values of Martin Luther King County. I’m the son of refugees from White Center, and worked as a janitor at my own high school. Despite great adversity, I broke the cycle of poverty through support from public services and hard work to build a successful career in the private sector. 

As a State Senator, I’ve worked hard to make Washington a place where everyone has an opportunity to thrive. Since taking office, we’ve passed policies that are making a difference in people’s lives: tax breaks for seniors and working families, strengthening police accountability, and funding critical anti-poverty programs to keep people housed.

The work I’ve accomplished in Olympia shows we can get things done. As King County Executive, I’ll bring that same energy to tackle our ongoing emergencies like homelessness, housing affordability, gun violence, climate change, and economic recovery. Too many people are still barely getting by for us to be satisfied with small changes. We need leaders who share the same experiences as families in King County and will act with the urgency required to deliver results.

When a terrible car accident left my father quadraplegic, our neighbors built my family a ramp that we couldn't have afforded on our own. That compassion is what motivates me to serve: the drive to build a future I’ll be proud for my three young kids to inherit. 

I’m proud to be supported by small business owners, frontline workers, teachers, union members and haven’t taken a dime of corporate PAC money. Politics should be about people, not careers. Let’s get to work.

Bill Hirt

Bill Hirt

2615 170TH AVE SE


(425) 747-4185


Education: BS and MS Engineering, Iowa State University
Occupation: Retired after 26 years as Boeing Engineer

My candidacy this year for King County Executive, like my previous 9 candidacies, is with no expectation or desire to win, but to inform voters.  This year the Northgate Link debut in September will vindicate those attempts to prevent Sound Transit from extending light rail routed through the DSTT beyond UW station, across I-90 Bridge, or beyond SeaTac.

Northgate operation will do nothing to reduce I-5 congestion into Seattle. It will force I-5 bus commuters to transfer to and from light rail for the commute into and out of Seattle.  During peak commute those riders will limit access for University Link riders.  During off-peak, trains will be essentially empty and operating costs will soar.  The Northgate Link problems will be dwarfed when East Link debuts in 2023, splitting DSTT capacity between I-90 Bridge and Central Link south.

ST has spent a decade refusing to increase transit ridership with added parking with access to increased bus capacity on I-5 and I-90 corridors. Instead they continues to spend hundreds of millions annually on extensions beyond Northgate, Angel Lake and Overlake that won’t increase transit capacity rather than to West Seattle and Ballard that would.

My candidacy this year is to also offer county residents the option of voting for someone who shares their concerns with Democrats dominating state and local governments and most of the media. Don’t believe “white supremacy is the country’s top security threat”.   Don’t believe the country is systemically racist or that teaching the 1619 Project or Critical Race Theory benefits the country.  Believes the police departments need to be appreciated not defunded.

Also recognizes the futility of the state’s attempt to reduce CO2 emissions when the entire country only emits 15% of the total and that energy for EV batteries comes from fossil-fueled power plants.  

26 en-US Production

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