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Highline School District 401

Director District 5

Fa'izah Bradford

Fa'izah Bradford

1602 S 245th Pl

Des Moines, WA 98198

(206) 290-6472

Education: Master's in Educational Leadership, Washington State University Bachelor's in Business Management, Northwest University
Occupation: Educational Leadership

Highline Public Schools is a dynamic institution that has continuous needs and faces ongoing challenges that require the ability to solve complex issues.  As an educational leader and parent, I understand these challenges and have experienced their impact.  My continued service and contribution help our district to build upon what is working and seek opportunities to question and challenge our practices to ensure equity and educational excellence for All.


Our Pre/K-12 public education system has the tremendous privilege and responsibility to equip students to reach their fullest potential and prepare them to successfully lead ours and their future.  In service to this effort, I approach my governance from a systems level that informs and influences policy, safeguards effective implementation and execution, holds the system accountable through observation and evaluation, as well as demands transparency.


My experiences have prepared and familiarized me with the strengths and needs of our families navigating the education system.  These voices must be elevated and incorporated in the decision-making process.  My experiences also inform me of the critical need to support educators and staff, and maintain leadership that is highly qualified, culturally relevant and responsive, and intentional to create and hold high expectations for every student.

Vincent H. Koester

Vincent H. Koester

PO Box 98459

Des Moines, WA 98198

(206) 510-5197

Education: AA & AAS Quality control technology. South Seattle college.
Occupation: Owner, manager of a landscape management company for 36 years.

One and a half years ago a friend of mine had a new grandson, the cutest little boy I’ve ever seen.


It started me thinking about small children and their angelic faces looking so happy. I also started thinking about how many kids in the world, in this country, this state, this county, the city, and in this district that are suffering. Some of them from lack of food, lack of good clothing, lack of a stable environment and even worse how many are suffering from abuse. No child should have to endure any of these situations. Identifying these situations sometimes comes from a child’s attendance at school. I started thinking about where I can make the greatest contribution. I want to strengthen and expand the programs in this district that can help these children


My daughter and a son in law are teachers in a different school district. I’m always amazed at how much of their own money they have to spend for their supplies in their classrooms. I would like to explore programs that would help teachers with these expenses. It is especially difficult for new teachers.

Jeanette Burrage

Jeanette Burrage

905 S 209th Street

Des Moines, WA 98198

(206) 824-2233

Education: Bachelor's Degree-Business Administration, major Accounting and J.D., University of Washington
Occupation: Retired - Volunteer Treasurer, North Hill Community Club

The Highline School District is succeeding in many ways, but in some aspects we are coming up short and negatively affecting our children. The fact is, we need to do better with our budget. Too few dollars are currently allocated towards a fundamental aspect of child safety- transportation to and from school. Our drivers are stressed out and spread too thin.


While academic achievement and developing good citizens is our top priority, we need to re-evaluate the current student conduct policy of no suspensions. Stopping bullying needs to be a top priority along with counseling the disruptive students.


As a former school bus driver & substitute teacher, Burrage is familiar with the current challenges faced by district bus drivers. Too few are applying, too many positions remain open. With union negotiated driver wages being low across multiple school districts, this is a problem with no simple solution. It’s a challenge that will require personal dedication to resolve.


Jeanette Burrage has the budget and management experience to overcome this challenge. Her experience in leadership, such as on the Des Moines City Council working on a municipal budget, makes her a great choice to restore balance within the District. Please vote Burrage.

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