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Benjamin Leis

Benjamin Leis

PO Box 15824

Seattle, WA 98115

Education: Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics and Computer Science, Yale University 1995
Occupation: Consulting Systems Software Engineer Dell/EMC

Seattle Public Schools face large budget, equity, capacity and instructional challenges.  As a parent of two children with different needs and eight years of direct experience with SPS,  I am running to help build a better system for all our students, families and teachers.


My Focus: Consistency: Too much varies between school buildings. Families need stronger guarantees each child’s core experience.  Everything from whether there is a full-time librarian, to how much time for lunch, to access to instrumental music and advanced learning depends on a student’s address.

Openness: Central staff have made strides in engaging with the community but significant district decisions still happen quickly, without adequate explanation or fully examining possible alternatives. I will demand greater authentic engagement.

Family Services: From smaller tasks like registering for schools to major challenges like finding how to get services for a struggling student, our district needs to remove barriers.  As a parent within the Special Education system, I know personally how hard it is to navigate SPS.


Excellence & Equity: We should meet students where they are and provide opportunities for continual growth. We need to build a strong differentiated curriculum and ensure opportunities at every building to participate in activities that kindle students’ passions in arts, sports, clubs and academics. The district is rich in diversity; 53 percent are students of color. If we address gaps in opportunity we will help solve gaps in outcomes. I am committed to both.


School Experience:  5 years running elementary and middle school math clubs,  served 2 years on JAMS PTSA Board as Parent Representative for Building Leadership Team responsible for budget, school improvement plans and professional development. Early Endorsements: Seattle School Board VP Rick Burke, former Board President Sue Peters, JAMS PTSA President Kathy Gerke, Public Education Advocate Kellie LaRue.

Chandra Hampson

Chandra Hampson

PO Box 9100

Seattle, WA 98109

(206) 618-1456

Education: Master’s in Business Administration, with finance emphasis, University of Washington; B.A., Stanford University.
Occupation: President, Seattle Council PTSA; community and economic development consultant.

Seattle students deserve more than a good education – they deserve a transformative education.  As a mother of public school students, I’ve seen the best of what Seattle schools have to offer.  I’ve also seen the frustrations. From special education to lesser-known issues, like lack of state funding for school nurses, it’s time for Seattle Public Schools to address some real challenges.


I bring the experience needed to do just that.  As President of the Seattle Council PTSA, I’ve led groups of parents, community stakeholders, and elected officials, delivering results for Seattle students.  As chairperson of “Kids Not Cuts”, I worked hand-in-hand with legislators to prevent significant cuts to local school budgets.  I also bring a wealth of experience in finance and budgeting.  As we navigate Seattle Schools’ financial future, I will prioritize accountability and transparency. 


I am also deeply passionate about equity in education.  As a Native American parent, I’ve worked with the School District on engaging indigenous and other marginalized students.  I support expanding the District’s cultural and linguistic programs, to prepare our children for success in an expanding world.  I also support culturally-tailored pilot programs to address racial and economic disparities within our District.


Real effectiveness isn’t shown by mere résumé entries. It’s shown by the trust you earn.  That’s why I’m proud to have the support of Rep. Gerry Pollet, former Rep. Jessyn Farrell, the 46th LD Democrats, Councilmember Debora Juarez, School Board members Jill Geary and Zachary DeWolf, and countless education advocates, parents, and neighborhood leaders citywide.


Nothing is more important to me than being a champion for our kids.  I would be honored to serve as your champion, too.  I ask for your vote.  Pinagigi (“thank you” in HoChunk language)!

Rebeca Muniz

Rebeca Muniz

P.O. Box 85344

Seattle, WA 98105

(503) 583-2314

Education: M.Ed. in Education Policy and Leadership - University of Washington, Research in Race and Equity
Occupation: Former Program Coordinator University of Washington - Psychiatry, Behavioral Sciences

All of our children deserve to learn with dignity, peace and freedom.


As a daughter of Mexican immigrants, I grew up watching my mother struggle to find work and resources for our family. I lived with instability while moving from school to school and did so with classmates that didn’t look like me or share my experiences. These experiences strengthened my resolve, and led me towards wanting to improve education policy and a graduate degree from the UW. Now I am committed to being a leader for our youth, and serving those who are struggling.


I’m running to serve on the Seattle School Board because every single child deserves the opportunity to receive an education as a pathway to a stable, prosperous life, no matter their barriers outside the classroom. Helping our most vulnerable students helps all of our students. I will fight for continued implementation of the District’s racial equity policies throughout all levels of the Board’s decision making process by including racial equity components in staff evaluations and implementing ethnic studies programs in all schools.


We also must expand wraparound services for our students and their families experiencing instability in their home. They can only continue to pursue an education with proper community support. Through my experiences, I have seen how the lack of mental health services affects student safety.


Lastly, I will help implement statewide academic acceleration laws that enroll students into advanced coursework by default.


Let’s continue building on the progress that we have made together. I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve Seattle’s students and families as your School Board Director. Endorsed by: Seattle School Board Directors Eden Mack and Scott Pinkham, Councilmember Lorena Gonzalez, 46th Democrats, UAW 4121, State Senators Joe Nguyen and Bob Hasegawa, and King County Young Democrats

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