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Davina Duerr

Davina Duerr

17410 107th Place NE

Bothell, WA 98011

(425) 219-7945

Education: Bachelor of Architecture, Syracuse University
Occupation: Architect

It’s been an honor serving you and our community. During the past four years I’ve worked with council to: strengthen our police and fire services, make our roads and sidewalks safer, preserve Wayne Golf Course and North Creek Forest, and preserve more trees and open spaces during development. I will continue fighting for Bothell to continue to get our fair share of regional transportation improvements and bus service.


Restoring trust and transparency is a priority for me. If reelected, I’ll continue to make Bothell government accessible through my regular newsletters and quarterly council conversations. Having established a regional voice, another ongoing priority is having a seat at the table when important region-wide decisions are being made.


With thoughtful and compassionate leadership on council we can preserve the best of Bothell’s unique character and charm to become a more walkable, vibrant city while growing into our future. Thank you for voting.

Sean G. Palermo

Sean G. Palermo

20828 33rd Ave SE

Bothell, WA 98021

(425) 381-1464

Education: Bachelor's in Business Administration, Gonzaga University
Occupation: Business Development Representative, PitchBook Data

I am a lifelong Bothell resident raised by my two loving parents, Megan and Robert. I've developed a passion for service through my education at Saint Brendan Parish School, Archbishop Murphy High School, and Gonzaga University.


I am a millennial, which is a generation that makes up 22% of the population, while holding less than 2% of elected offices nationwide. As Bothell continues to grow, it faces unique opportunities and challenges that should be solved through a multi-generational lens that promotes sustainable living, financial independence, and opportunity for all.


I want to create a safe, affordable, and clean Bothell for all of its citizens. This includes addressing rising rent and mortgage costs, educational costs for students and teachers, expanding infrastructure to meet growth demands, reducing waste, protecting our environment, and creating new financial support options for lower income families and senior citizens.

Tiger Budbill

Tiger Budbill

22 218th Place SW

Bothell, WA 98021

(206) 380-5164

Education: well..., 20years ago I did 1 semester of sports officiating at BCC, totally aced it!
Occupation: Multiple business owner, entertainer, Family Man, Wife and Dog Lover!

My journey hasn't been easy but it has been amazing! As a kid I went to 8 schools in 12 years. If I didn’t make friends quickly, I didn’t have friends. I became very outgoing which lead me to performing. I was a professional mascot for 10 years including the Original Mariner Moose! I'm a professional singer and  have an entertainment company where I MC & DJ special events. I've worked in and managed restaurants & bars off and on since 1989 and we have a small painting business. In 2008 we lost everything.... we fought for 9 years to keep our home and finally got an offer we couldn’t refuse. #Attheendoftheday, we all want the same thing. We want to be able to live our best life and feel safe in our homes & community. How can I help fellow Bothellions? Please Vote Tiger B. for Bothell City Council!

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TTY: Relay 711

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