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Girmay Zahilay

Girmay Zahilay

PO Box 23125

Seattle, WA 98102

(206) 552-8773

Education: Franklin High School, Stanford University, Obama White House Intern, University of Pennsylvania (J.D.)
Occupation: Co-Founder, President, Rising Leaders Inc; Former Attorney, Perkins Coie

I’m running because King County deserves bold leadership to address the immediate problems facing our region. I‘m the son of Ethiopian refugees, the first in my family to attend college, and a product of South Seattle housing projects and public schools. I’m an attorney and non-profit founder. Our region’s problems can be solved but require a fresh approach.


Affordable housing and transportation decisions require a regional and equitable approach. We must ensure communities facing gentrification get relief and reliable access to transit. We must address our changing climate and understand the disproportionate environmental impact on our neighborhoods. Our justice system must be restorative and fair for people of all races and incomes. We must eliminate youth incarceration and invest in diversion and community programs to meet the needs of our youth.


We must change regressive taxation and make the money we already have go further. I support forming a public bank and pursuing revenue sources that don’t burden the working class disproportionately. Lastly, to change our political system we must get big money out. I’m the only candidate in this race not accepting corporate PAC money. We can choose our future.


Endorsed: 11th, 37th, 46th and King County Young Democrats

Stan Lippmann

Stan Lippmann

PO Box 28541

Seattle, WA 98118

(206) 751-8425

Education: J.D. UW 1998, Ph.D. JHU 1989, M.A. JHU 1984, B.S. NYU 1981
Occupation: Physicist

The new energy law from Olympia is flawed.  It makes us carbon free by 2045.  But 'science' says we have only till 2030 to save the planet. The King County Council can now step in to fix this, and I'm the only one running that knows how to get it done.  Since earning my Ph.D. in atomic physics at Johns Hopkins 30 years ago, I have been fighting for a fossil free world by working on fusion and solar energy technology. Solar energy is now cheaper than  hydro or natural gas.  Elect me, and we'll have a Public Utility District to establish a clean energy marketplace. You could participate as a producer and investor in our collective energy future, and bypass the Wall Street  blockade. Texas now builds 3 GW/yr , so could King County to give us 12 GW by 2023.  Such marketable electricity will make King County rich  and carbon free by 2030.  King County could give you better service and lower taxes. Being rich lets us solve all our problems with 1,000,000 affordable units in 2000 Space Needle Jetson-style homes around the Sound supporting point-to-point commuting anywhere fast through mag-pneumatic tubes in your Jetson-mobile by 2045.

Larry Gossett

Larry Gossett

603 Stewart St. Suite 819

Seattle, WA 98101

(206) 696-6650

Education: BA in History, University of Washington (1971)
Occupation: King County Councilmember, Former Executive Director Central Area Motivation Program

With your support I will continue to focus on affordable housing, criminal justice reform and public transportation. Affordable housing: King County is committed to building 44,000 affordable units over the next five years. I recommended that the King County Affordable Housing Task Force commit to providing these safe and affordable housing units in all communities.
Criminal justice reform: I pledge to keep communities safe and to reduce racial disproportionality in our criminal justice system. With my leadership, as of 2019 we’ve reduced the average daily youth detention population by 75% but more work must be done. We must collaborate with local school districts to improve the educational outcomes for high-risk students.
Public transportation: It’s important that we improve access to public transit while also transitioning our Metro bus fleet to 100% renewable energy. I sponsored landmark legislation to lower the price of fares for low-income transit users.
I’ve had the privilege of serving as your King County Councilmember. I am proudly endorsed by U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell, Congressperson Pramila Jayapal, Attorney General Bob Ferguson, State Senator Rebecca Saldaña, King County Executive Dow Constantine, King County Council Chair Rod Dembowski, City Attorney Pete Holmes and the King County Labor Council.

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