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Judge Position 3

Adam Eisenberg

Adam Eisenberg

P.O. Box 20776

Seattle, WA 98102

(360) 602-1535

Education: Juris Doctorate, University of Washington School of Law; Bachelor of Science, Journalism, University of Colorado
Occupation: Seattle Municipal Court Judge, Position No. 3

In January 2017, I was appointed to serve as a judge on the Seattle Municipal Court bench, following 13 years as a court commissioner and magistrate.


Seattle Municipal Court is a place where so many dedicated people work every day to ensure justice is done. Defense attorneys advocate to protect their clients’ rights. Prosecutors work diligently on behalf of crime victims and the citizens of Seattle at large. Court staff keep our courtrooms efficient and safe.  Probation counselors help offenders succeed so they will gain the tools they need to stay out of trouble.  And our Court Resource Center is truly ground-breaking:  an in-house social service hub where people in need get connected with food benefits, medical coverage, housing information, and other life-saving aid.


Despite the many jobs being done in our courthouse, we all share the same goal of wanting to help the people who come through our doors.


In my current role, I preside over domestic violence cases, and my court is part of the Domestic Violence Intervention Project (DVIP).  DVIP is a collaborative partnership between community-based agencies, the Seattle Mayor’s office, the Seattle City Attorney and the court.  It addresses intimate partner violence through an individualized treatment model that also incorporates the concerns of victims.


I also serve as co-director of the Seattle Youth Traffic Court, where teen drivers have their traffic infraction cases heard by a true jury of their peers—other teenagers. Garfield High School students serve as the judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys; Seattle University Law students act as mentors; and Seattle Police officers explain the dangers of texting while driving, speeding, and other common infractions so the teens will become safer drivers.  


As a judge, I am honored to be a part of Seattle Municipal Court.  I promise to do my very best every day to treat each person who stands before me with respect, to listen to their unique story, and to provide justice for them and for the citizens of Seattle.

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