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Art Chapman

1212 E Hamlin St

Seattle, WA 98102

(206) 660-4714

Education: Law School, honors; BA Music; BA Theater Arts
Occupation: District Court Judge

I am running unopposed for Judge of the King County District Court, West Division, in Seattle.  This will be my last election.  I know by the end of the term it will be time for another qualified candidate to step up to the bench I have sat on since 2003.  To the end of my time I will continue to strive to be fair, considerate, and thoughtful.  Being a judge is always a challenge, and I like to pause for a few moments before I go into court each day to ask myself what is on my mind, what is in my human nature, what do I need to gather or put aside in order to provide all litigants with the hearings and decisions they deserve.  My court is a daily parade of people and their problems.  The color and diversity of humanity is what inspires me.  In a small way, I hope I have been able through my work to effect some kind of equity and social justice.  Thank you for your continuing support and confidence.

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TTY: Relay 711

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