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Ketu Shah

Ketu Shah

P.O. Box 20655

Seattle, WA 98102

Education: JD, University of Minnesota; BA, Whitman College
Occupation: NE District Court Judge

Judge Shah has served as one of your NE District Court judges for over 5 years. He has 24 years of public and private experience. Dedicated to providing fair and just outcomes, Judge Shah presides over the Regional Mental Health Court and Regional Veterans Court. Judge Shah models a collaborative approach in dealing with mental health and criminal justice issues. By providing access to services including medication, treatment, housing and clinicians, the Court creates pathways for recovery and reduces recidivism. Judge Shah oversees a therapeutic response to support our veterans rebuild their lives and assist in their recovery.


Judge Shah has a record of fairness, independence, and hard work. In court, he treats everyone equally with respect and dignity. On the Executive Committee, Judge Shah helps effectively manage the Court’s resources and ensure our courts are accessible for our entire community. He is a faculty member and teaches future judges on ethics and mental health issues.


The son of immigrants from India, Judge Shah has lived in Washington with his family for over 30 years. A committed community volunteer, Judge Shah is a former soccer coach and vice president of his local youth soccer club.

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TTY: Relay 711

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