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Dan Satterberg

Dan Satterberg

800 5th Ave, Box 101-254

Seattle, WA 98104

(206) 792-7644

Education: BA, University of Washington. JD, University of Washington School of Law.
Occupation: King County Prosecuting Attorney

In over a decade as your elected Prosecuting Attorney, I have brought leadership, sound judgment, and a track record of progressive reform. Public safety and justice for all are at the center of the work I do alongside a team of 500 professionals. Our office is nationally recognized for innovation and excellence—especially protecting the elderly, youth and other vulnerable King County residents.


We prosecute those who commit violent crimes, obtaining sentences that ensure public safety while respecting Constitutional rights. We support victims by removing firearms from homes where domestic violence is present, providing access to civil legal aid and legal advocates to help victims through the court process.


We have a proven track record of criminal justice reform through community partnerships that build alternatives to the courtroom and address racial disproportionality. Complex social issues come to us for solutions, and we work together to develop strategies to promote mental health, offer help to people addicted to drugs, and support veterans. We’ve significantly reduced youth incarceration by diverting youth to community-led accountability programs that change behavior and keep kids in school. I co-chair the Statewide Reentry Council, reducing recidivism by helping people build productive lives after serving their sentence.


I am proud to be endorsed by: The Alliance for Gun Responsibility; former Governors Locke and Gregoire; Attorney General Ferguson; former Attorney General McKenna; Executive Dow Constantine; Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht; all nine members of the King County Council; the mayors of Seattle, Auburn, Bellevue, Burien, Des Moines, Federal Way, Kent, Kirkland, Renton; 19 retired Superior Court judges; and several Democratic organizations.


I am a lifelong resident of King County, graduating from Highline High School and UW. I’m a husband and father, and I’ve dedicated my career to serving the people of King County. I respectfully ask for your vote.

Daron Morris

Daron Morris

P.O. Box 22169

Seattle, WA 98122

(206) 839-7130

Education: BA, University of Michigan, 1995; JD, New York University, 1998
Occupation: Attorney

The Prosecutor’s Office must provide justice and safety to every King County resident. That cannot happen if our Prosecutor perpetuates harms against marginalized communities, while excusing abuses by the powerful.


Today, our justice system bears little resemblance to its democratic ideals. Our jails are disproportionately filled by the poor, the mentally ill, and people of color. Justice is chronically delayed and our tax dollars are wasted. Over 95% of cases are decided by guilty plea, often coercively and against the innocent. We pursue long sentences in cases where doing so is unnecessary, costly and harmful; yet we simultaneously fail to hold some of the worst abusers accountable.


Real reform means addressing these problems at their root, not around the edges. As Prosecutor, I will immediately end the money bail system so that neither wealth nor the bail bond industry determines who sits in jail. I will consistently prosecute crimes of violence and abuse, to protect our most vulnerable residents. I will deploy resources efficiently to eradicate delay. I will keep kids out of jails. I will bargain cases fairly. I will work to eliminate systemic racism from our justice system. Accountability is not a one-way street. For people to be held accountable to law enforcement, law enforcement must be held accountable to the people.


I am prepared to lead us forward. I have served King County for twenty years as a public defender, with nearly half of that time in leadership positions. I am a parent of three wonderful children who attend our public schools. I volunteer every week with Crisis Connections, where I field suicide and other crisis calls. 


Endorsements:  The 30th, 31st, 33rd, 36th, 37th, 43rd, and 46th District Democrats; Our Revolution – Ballard; Washington State Progressive Caucus; Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle. More updated at our website. 


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