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Houghton Community Municipal Corporation

Council Position 3

Rick Whitney

Rick Whitney

5009 112th Ave NE

Kirkland, WA 98033

(425) 827-2680

Education: B A Business Administration
Occupation: Retired

The Houghton Community Council was formed as a condition for the citizens of the City of Houghton to approve a merger with the City of Kirkland in 1968.  Our Council enables the residents of Houghton to retain some influence over the character of our community, by having authority to disapprove land use decisions within our boundaries.  This was the critical inducement for our city to abandon its autonomy.  


We have worked effectively with the Kirkland City Council, Planning Commission, and staff for almost fifty years.  Our involvement in the land use decision process is efficient and timely.  The Houghton Community Council has originated innovative solutions to land use challenges within our boundaries that have been utilized elsewhere in Kirkland.


We believe that the minimal costs associated with our Council are far outweighed by the service and benefits provided by our volunteer efforts.  Please vote to continue our existence.


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TTY: Relay 711

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