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Bryon Madsen

Bryon Madsen

23006 135th Ave SE

Kent, WA 98042

(253) 639-3957

Education: Bachelor's in Accounting; Master's in Accounting; Taxation; Brigham Young University
Occupation: Manager, OB Services, LLC

My family has happily been a part of the Kent School District since 1993, with four children that have graduated and a seventh grader.


My initial motivation to run was due to the April news from KSD regarding a spending freeze, soon followed that same month with the ban on international travel over immigration rules/equal access. If I taught in KSD, as a teacher, I would not appreciate a yearend spending freeze and, if a student, would certainly not appreciate a last-minute ban given that laws have not changed since June 2009.


Unfortunately, in February, KSD borrowed 10M from the Capital Funds Project (CFP), still instituted a spending freeze, then chose to cancel choir and music programs in some schools never being specific with regards to reasons or quantifying expected cost savings, never asked for parent input, changed the bell schedule, never communicating the issue or why this would solve such issue and, again, with no parent input. On top of it all, in July, the KSD, when no one was looking, borrowed an additional 15M from the CFP.


I would like to bring involvement back to the taxpayer and focus on teachers and giving them and students support.


Denise Daniels

Denise Daniels

15829 SE 254TH PLACE


(206) 604-7974

Education: BA Human Services and Business Management, MA Counseling and Executive Leadership
Occupation: Administrator, Auburn School District

The Kent School District needs a new approach and perspective to address issues that are ever present; unacceptable graduation rates, disproportionality in discipline practices, budget and funding challenges, and consistent achievement gaps in performance. Combined with a lack of communication and transparency when making substantial changes in policy, programming, and scheduling that affect our community and parents, it has become difficult to trust that the best interests of our children are the focus of district efforts.


We have dedicated teachers, principals, and support staff that continue to do their best for our children, not always having access to the resources and professional development they need. It can be difficult to educate students whose needs go far beyond what is taught in the classroom without providing adequate support. Adequate educational funding and its proper distribution is critical to improving student outcomes.


I have a history of leadership in supporting students inside and outside of the school building, working directly with parents and families, providing professional development, resources, and support to teachers and staff, and collaborating with other districts, city, and community organizations to provide regional education and change across the state. I will make a difference in our student outcomes!

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TTY: Relay 711

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