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Issaquah School District 411

Director District 2

Marnie Maraldo

Marnie Maraldo

13904 SE 86th St

Newcastle, WA 98059

(425) 220-3389

Education: B.S. Applied Mathematics, Liberty University
Occupation: Coordinator, Eastside Human Services Forum

Thank you for allowing me to serve on the Issaquah School Board since 2009.  I am committed to work to provide an education that meets their individual needs of each and every student, considering their special aptitudes and providing ample opportunity to explore their interests and pursue a fulfilling career.  Our whole community is better when our students are prepared to contribute to its success.


“’All’ means ‘all’ and that’s all ‘all’ means.”  This was a statement I heard several times as a child.  And, I’ve repeated it countless times with regards to the Issaquah School District.  A key focus for our district is to ensure all students can access educational opportunities regardless of outside factors, such as socio-economic status or family background. I have frequently requested data, provided by district staff, to identify areas where students may encounter unintended barriers that will keep them from reaching their full potential.  Whether it is in special individualized education, our rigorous honors classes or anywhere in between, our students need the opportunities to grow academically while receiving the support they need to be successful.  I look forward to working the next four years to continue to improve our high-performing schools.

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TTY: Relay 711

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