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Joseph D. Sabey

Joseph D. Sabey

3423 Hunts Point Road

Hunts Point, WA 98004

Education: BA from University of Notre Dame
Occupation: Commercial Real Estate

It has been a pleasure serving you as Mayor over the last four years. Hunts Point is a very special place. I grew up here and I am now raising my family here. I am running for re-election because I want to make sure Hunts Point continues to be a great home for families for generations to come. Having served on the planning commission from 2010-2013, and as mayor since 2014, I have learned that good government is transparent and listens to its citizens. I promise to continue that transparency in my next term, maintain a balanced budget, and make sure our spending priorities match the needs of our residents. Tax dollars will be dedicated to delivering high quality public safety and support services.


I look forward to continuing our work together and would be grateful for your support.

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TTY: Relay 711

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