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Pete Holmes

Pete Holmes

119 - 1st Avenue South #320

Seattle, WA 98104

(206) 682-7328

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Re-Elect Pete Holmes, Progressive Legal Champion


City Attorney Pete Holmes leads efforts to protect public safety, reform Seattle’s police department, and safeguard civil and immigration rights from attack by Donald Trump. Pete sponsored I-502 to legalize and regulate marijuana for adults, raising hundreds of millions of dollars in new state revenue for public health, safety, and education.


Leading on Police Reform


A principled leader to restore confidence in SPD, Pete worked tirelessly with the Obama Justice Department to implement reforms and improve oversight. As Trump seeks to rollback consent decrees nationwide, we need Pete to continue pressing for accountable, constitutional policing. Pete served for years as police misconduct watchdog before running for City Attorney, and he remains committed to strong community engagement on police reform.


Improving Public Safety


Under Pete’s leadership, prosecutors focus on domestic violence, assaults and sex buyers who drive human trafficking, and pursue property and neighborhood crimes that undermine our sense of security. Using improved technology in cooperation with law enforcement and courts to keep Seattle safe, Pete will continue pushing for sentencing policies that protect the public without filling our jails, including greater investment in effective tools such as youth diversion and intervention programs, and gun violence prevention.


Compassion for Homelessness


The opiate addiction epidemic fueling the surge in homelessness is a public health and safety crisis. Pete has prioritized responses rooted in best practices, consistent with Mayoral and Council direction: “Housing First”; protect community safety; and seek treatment alternatives to the ineffective, revolving door of incarceration. Pete champions more affordable housing for our rapidly growing city.


Standing Against Trump


Together with our State Attorney General and regional leaders, Pete has proudly stood against the excesses of the Trump administration, filing lawsuits that challenge funding cuts to “Sanctuary Cities” and opposing abuses of power by immigration officials.


Environmental Stewardship


Pete successfully prosecuted the cutting of City trees to improve water views, demanded oil and coal train safety in our city, and sued Monsanto to recover PCB cleanup costs.


Widely Endorsed


Pete is proudly endorsed by Attorney General Bob Ferguson; Seattle’s mayor and 8 councilmembers; Executive Dow Constantine; former Governor Gary Locke; former Judge Charles Johnson and Supreme Court Justice Faith Ireland; the 11th, 32nd, 34th, 36th, 37th, 43rd and 46th LD and King County Democrats; Alliance for Gun Responsibility; labor unions; and many environmental, business, and legal community leaders.

Scott Lindsay

Scott Lindsay

PO Box 23037

Seattle, WA 98102

Education: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates
Occupation: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates

Seattle needs a new City Attorney who will address the impacts of property crime, drug addiction, and homelessness on our neighborhoods through innovative solutions that will disrupt the streets-to-jail revolving door.


As the former public safety and police reform advisor to the Mayor, I witnessed the failure of the incumbent City Attorney to use the substantial resources and authority of that office to tackle Seattle’s toughest challenges. We can do much better.


It’s Time for New Leadership with a Bold Vision:


  • Reduce Property Crime with Public Health Interventions. Seattle has one of the highest property crime rates per capita in the United States. This impacts the vitality of every Seattle neighborhood. The majority of those involved in repeat property crimes, like car prowls, struggle with addiction and homelessness. As City Attorney, I will transform our criminal justice system to address the root causes of crime by creating new treatment and diversion programs, delivering better public safety results with less incarceration.


  • Fight the Heroin Epidemic. I started the Seattle-King County Heroin and Opiate Addiction Task Force to take on Seattle’s devastating heroin epidemic. We offered solutions to expand treatment programs, save lives, and reduce crime. As City Attorney, I will bring together leading health providers and law enforcement officials to reduce the devastation of the heroin epidemic on our community.


  • Help People Off the Streets. I created and led Seattle’s Navigation Team, pairing outreach workers with police officers to help people off the streets with services, shelters, and housing. As City Attorney, I will integrate this collaborative model into the criminal justice system to shut down the streets-to-jail revolving door.


  • Resist Trump and Fight for Seattle’s Immigrants and Refugees. As senior counsel to Democrats on the House Oversight Committee, I battled Republicans’ attempts to attack President Obama and dismantle protections for society’s most vulnerable. I know what it takes to resist Trump and I will put the City Attorney’s Office on the frontlines to fight attacks on our community.


I have in-the-field experience, a track record of results, and a detailed plan to improve public safety and reform Seattle’s criminal justice system. I ask for your vote to set a better course for our city.  

Endorsed by: Seattle Fire Fighters Local 27, Governor Chris Gregoire, all five current and past co-chairs of the Community Police Commission, and dozens of community leaders and organizations calling for fresh leadership.

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