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Jenny Durkan

Jenny Durkan

603 Stewart St Ste 819

Seattle, WA 98101

(206) 682-7328

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Hi, I’m Jenny Durkan.


I was born in Seattle, and my partner Dana and I have raised our sons here.


I love Seattle, but too many people today are being pushed out by rising costs and rapid change. If Seattle is to remain a vibrant, compassionate city, we need bold progressive solutions now.


While my opponent and I are both committed progressives, I am the candidate with the leadership skills that are required to solve the problems we face – housing affordability, homelessness, transit and transportation – and I’m proud that our campaign is already bringing our often divided city together. I’ve built the broadest, most diverse coalition backing my campaign, from respected elected officials, leading labor unions and business organizations, along with environmental and social justice leaders,


Let’s be real: running a growing city like Seattle, and a government of 10,000 employees, is no easy job. A successful mayor must know how to make government work, and be able to bring people together to tackle tough issues and get things done.  We need a mayor who shares Seattle’s progressive values and has the skills to provide strong, experienced leadership.


I have that leadership experience, having previously served in a senior role in state government, and later running a major U.S. Attorney’s Office. After President Obama appointed me the first openly gay U.S. Attorney in American history, I worked with police officers and community groups - the ACLU, El Centro, OneAmerica, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project - to reform Seattle’s Police Department. We’ve made tremendous progress, but we still have work to do.


I have a bold vision for Seattle’s future. As mayor I will improve education by expanding quality affordable preschool and increasing access to college. I will prioritize helping Seattleites struggling to pay rising rents. I will work to eliminate the inequities caused by racial discrimination.


I will stand up to Trump and show that our diversity is our strength. I’ve already done it – the day Trump issued his travel ban, I helped stop people from being unlawfully deported from SeaTac Airport.


As mayor, I will bring the same progressive, get-things-done commitment. Together, we will make Seattle a place of opportunity for everyone.


Endorsements: Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, SEIU 775, Seattle Fire Fighters, Governor Gregoire, four current Councilmembers, community leaders like Dolores Sibonga, Juan Cotto, First AME Pastor Carey Anderson and Mt. Zion Pastor Aaron Williams, and hundreds of others.

Cary Moon

Cary Moon

PO Box 9100

Seattle, WA 98109

(206) 376-2594

Education: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates
Occupation: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates

I am running for Mayor because Seattle’s future is worth fighting for. We all see the challenges facing our city. I am offering my expertise as an award-winning civic leader, urban planner and engineer to strike these problems at their root causes.


It’s time for a change from the political deal-making that puts profits over people. We are losing the very things that make Seattle a unique, wonderful place to live and work. It is going to take all of us working together to ensure our city’s future is not sold to the highest bidder.


I have more than 20 years of hands-on experience working with City of Seattle departments and committees on housing, city planning, budgets, transportation, transit, and other critical issues. I know what’s working, and what’s not, and I am ready to bring my proven track record of integrity, innovation, and inclusive, accountable leadership to City Hall.


What kind of city do we want to be? Record-breaking growth is causing economic imbalance, inadequate transit, and surging homelessness. We cannot allow Seattle to become a city of haves and have nots. Our region’s prosperity should provide shared opportunity and access to success for all of us, not just the wealthy few. Together, we must:


  • limit speculation in our housing market with a new tax on corporate and non-resident ownership of our homes, and plow the proceeds into affordable housing;


  • invest more in transit, ensuring our growing communities have access to reliable, frequent bus service;


  • expand and protect our small businesses, the backbone of an economy that builds and keeps wealth in communities; and


  • craft a coordinated, effective system for welcoming houseless folks back inside.


As a candidate, I am not accepting contributions from large corporations. I am committed to justice, equity and sharing power across race, class and gender, and will not allow the future of our vibrant, diverse city to be compromised by lobbyists and political insiders. As Mayor, my leadership team will be at least half women, LGBTQ and people of color.


I believe we can build an inclusive, welcoming, and thriving city. Our challenges require us to work together with openness, creativity, and respect. Only then can we build the political will to overcome the influence of corporate insiders, establish real equity, and unlock Seattle’s potential for all of us.


Endorsed by The Stranger and many more at

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