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Kathryn Campbell

Kathryn Campbell

19019 Int'l Blvd, PMBox 146

SeaTac, WA 98188

(206) 979-2028

Education: B.S.-Human Services; attended Highline schools and Washington State University. AWC Certificate in Municipal Leadership.
Occupation: Manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications for 40 years. Now retired, serving SeaTac.

SeaTac’s airport related revenues mean we can do more for ourselves than other South Sound cities. Increased revenue should fund more Law Enforcement, for the safety and security of all, including businesses and visitors. More funds should also go to programs for Seniors and kids.


SeaTac needs a council that works for all its residents. That requires working with other South Sound cities, as well as the Port of Seattle and King County.


I have served SeaTac on: Energy, Environment and Natural Resources (NLC); Highway 509 Leadership; AWC Federal Policy Committee; Food Innovation Network; King County Flood Control District; SCORE Jail Administration Board; SeaTac Code Compliance Committee; SeaTac Sidewalk Committee (Chair); Voted for Community Garden and Riverton Heights Park; Supported Fire Fighter Explorers and Police Explorers; Green/Duwamish watershed (WRIA9) salmon environment restoration.


Endorsements: Tina Orwall, Dave Upthegrove, Tony Anderson, IBT117, MLKJCLC. Please help me continue to serve my home town.

Joel Wachtel

Joel Wachtel

PO Box 58702

Tukwila, WA 98138

(206) 403-1238

Education: NY State University, Empire State College. Crime Stoppers Certification – Creating Safer Communities
Occupation: Retired businessman/ entrepreneur with 45 years in business.

I believe SeaTac is ready to replace Kathryn Campbell, the last remnant of the old City Council. They imposed an unnecessary 7% tax on citizens, yet allowed businesses to avoid paying more than $24 million in parking taxes. Plus, she refused to participate in a committee to hold the Airport accountable. Meanwhile she voted for $2.5 million city deficit, while taking expensive trips at tax-payer expense.


I actively supported the new council, which in 18 months resolved most of the city's financial issues without new taxes. I'm endorsed by these new council members.


SeaTac is currently experiencing the largest financial and economic growth in years while providing additional human services and another police officer. I'm a member of the Airport Advisory committee and I have a record of success, with 45 years in business. Help me bring my experience to the council to improve SeaTac.


I respectfully request your vote.

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