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Council Position 7

Tola Marts

Tola Marts

P.O. Box 1194

Issaquah, WA 98027

(425) 427-9314

Education: Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering (University of Minnesota / Twin Cities)
Occupation: Engineering Management, Intellectual Ventures Lab (Bellevue, WA)

Workforce housing and living wage jobs.


That's what I said my focus was going to be eight years ago when I first ran for the Issaquah City Council, and that's been my focus ever since. The people who live in Issaquah can't find jobs in Issaquah, and the people who work in Issaquah can't afford to live here. That's a city out of balance. And it's been getting worse, as skyrocking housing prices push even two-income professional families out of the city.


We need to work even harder to find creative housing solutions that keep working families in Issaquah. Police, teachers, and fire fighters deserve to live in the communities where the serve. We also need to keep pushing for commercial and corporate development that will provide real jobs strong enough to sustain families, rather than just minimum wage retail and food sector jobs. We already have enough of those.

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