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Mary Lou Pauly

Mary Lou Pauly

PO Box 1386

Issaquah, WA 98027

(425) 443-0953

Education: Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering, University of Waterloo
Occupation: Deputy President Issaquah City Council, Management and Engineering Consultant

Issaquah is an incredible place to live, work and play. As Mayor, I will ensure it stays that way.


You say traffic needs to be better managed, the cost of living is soaring and growth needs to fit the community vision of a charming city nestled in green hills. I agree!


As your Councilmember, I have already stepped up to those challenges.


I proposed the current building moratorium to force resetting the course of development. I proposed banning trucks from downtown when they overwhelmed streets, and initiated funding to slow vehicles cutting through your neighborhoods. I also opposed all requests to add development beyond what is currently zoned.


As Mayor, I commit to growing only in ways that provides community benefits, creates new jobs, and respects the environment and our vibrant small business community.


Together, we can preserve the quality of life in Issaquah and plan for its future.

Paul Winterstein

Paul Winterstein

PO Box 1521

Issaquah, WA 98027

(425) 591-9570

Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science, The Ohio State University -1984
Occupation: 33 years in software and related services; Issaquah City Council

Issaquah is a thriving community undergoing rapid change. But our future is threatened by development happening faster than anticipated, and worsening traffic, requiring focused leadership and coordination with the State, County, and nearby cities.  As a City Councilmember and 33-year resident, I have the record and commitment to address this challenge. I’ve passed balanced budgets, bolstered public safety and invested in essential services.  I helped save Issaquah’s Senior Center, sponsored our pedestrian and bicyclist, and healthy community plans. I’ve worked with regional leaders to address growth, transportation, and housing needs.


As your Mayor, I’ll protect our unique character – great parks and open spaces, incredible small businesses, and affordability for families and seniors living on fixed incomes.


I am proud to have the endorsements of Mayor Fred Butler and former Mayors Ava Frisinger and Rowan Hinds, and the 5th District Democrats. It would be an honor to earn your vote.

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