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Tony Binion

Tony Binion

1407 Porter Street

Enumclaw, WA 98022

(253) 439-0600

Education: Studied International Business at Pierce College
Occupation: Small Business Owner; Coffee Vault, and Tony Binion Real Estate

Being an Enumclaw business owner, I understand that small businesses are the backbone of our local community. We can protect our small town local feeling by helping small businesses thrive in Enumclaw through supporting our business owners and encouraging collaboration.


For most of my adolescent years, my grandparents lived in Enumclaw. I have always loved the wide-open spaces of what was once just a logging and farming community. We must preserve what is left of that history and feel for our kids and grandkids.


My vision for Enumclaw is to maintain our small town feeling while taking the necessary steps toward responsible growth and making sure proper infrastructure is in place before development happens. I want to continue to live in a town that holds true to our rural roots and keeps our citizens safe and proud to call this our home.

Steven Cadematori

Steven Cadematori

1928 Gossard St.

Enumclaw, WA 98022

(360) 802-4930

Education: BA Economics, Boston College; MBA classes Seattle University Albers School of Business
Occupation: Former Owner Alta Crystal Resort, Finance and Tourism Professional

For 20 years now,  I have put every energy I have to being a leader in our community.  For the past 11 years I have served on the Enumclaw Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors,  and now I have been chosen, just this past March, over four other applicants,to serve on the Enumclaw City Council.   I have worked hard addressing constituent needs, finding ways to form a Stormwater Utility that is both fair to taxpayers and actually solves our drainage issues.   I was chosen as the Council Liaison to our new Tourism Advisory Board,  which I had proposed.  We are working hard to complete the visions of an attractive downtown and functional traffic, parking and roads.  I am an advocate for upgraded parks with services such as better playgrounds and our first dog parks.

I really am just getting started, but now I need your vote in order to continue!

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TTY: Relay 711

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