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Council Position 5

Liam Olsen

Liam Olsen

18 240th ST SE

Bothell, WA 98021

(425) 299-7081

Education: BS Civil Engineering, University of Washington; BS Biology, University of Puget Sound
Occupation: Transportation Engineer

The Council needs to work to make sure our taxes are used efficiently, and used as matching funds for grants to extend our tax dollars, to alleviate congestion, parking shortages, and purchasing or preserving open space for parks, playfields and pathways.


I’m a licensed transportation engineer and will use my expertise to insure transportation projects meet the needs of our community.


The current council has done a great job listening to the public, as well as reaching out to be involved in the region, to participate in committees. I will continue on this path, increasing Bothell’s presence in the Puget Sound Region for state and federal funds for our local projects, with a focus on smart growth while still keeping Bothell’s character.


Endorsed by: Mayor Rheaume, Deputy Mayor Duerr, Councilmember McNeal, Councilmember Samberg, King County Councilmember Dembowski

Jeremy B. Michel

Jeremy B. Michel

19025 104th Ave. NE

Bothell, WA 98011

(206) 678-4701

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Colgate University/ Summer Program, State & Local Politics, Harvard University
Occupation: Roadway and Pedestrian Lighting & Controls

I am proud to call beautiful and charming Bothell my home. Under the current state of leadership I am worried about the loss of Bothell’s identity and livability.  Urban construction and density continues, taxes are on the rise, and traffic will get worse. Bothell needs thoughtful planning to grow sustainably, to maintain the great place we all want to live and raise family.


I will leverage my education and experience in civics and transportation engineering to work with the City to address the many development and traffic issues we face. I am running for Bothell City Council self-funded, unencumbered by any campaign contributions or donor influences.


I want to lead Bothell with you in mind, that best suits all our residents by maintaining the character and charm we value. I am engaged and prepared to serve you and the City of Bothell and very much appreciate your vote.

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TTY: Relay 711

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