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Carol Benson

Carol Benson

30005 232nd Ave SE

Black Diamond, WA 98010

(360) 886-1354

Education: University of Washington, Bellevue College
Occupation: Retired Chief Financial Officer in the Development Industry

Mayor Carol Benson has been a resident of the Black Diamond Community for 38 years and has also served on the Black Diamond City Council.  She has worked hard to stabilize the city's finances and operate within the constraints of a responsible, balanced budget.  It is important to make sure that city residents and future generations will feel safe in our special and historic rural community.


Mayor Benson is working hard to make sure that developers are accountable for their commitments, and that any future growth in Black Diamond will not harm our natural environment or be a financial burden to current residents.


Special interest groups from outside our community have brought unnecessary conflict to our City and City Council meetings in the last year.  Mayor Benson will continue to stay the course and always put the needs and wishes of Black Diamond citizens first.


Judy A. Baxley

Judy A. Baxley

30509 Cumberland Drive

Black Diamond, WA 98010

(360) 886-5518

Education: AAA Degree in Medical Office Administration, Green River College.
Occupation: Former Nuclear Power Plant Fire Watch Inspector; Electronic Manufacturing Technician.

The choice for Black Diamond is clear:  elect a positive new Mayor who will restore respect for our city, or, continue an Administration that reigns over a chaotic city hall.


As your new Mayor, I will direct city staff to work collaboratively with the Council and all of the public.  Obstruction of the Council must stop as we restore respect for the Council’s authority.


Together, we will truly reform city hall.  We will stop wasteful contracts and overspending so that we can reduce taxes and fees.  We will confront our challenges, not pretend that they don’t exist.


We will support sensible growth.  Small builders and businesses will be welcome. Large developers will be held accountable for their obligations to pay their own way and protect our environment.


The future of Black Diamond is bright. A new Mayor and a new Council will put our city back on the right path.

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