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Council Position 2

A.J. Tong

A.J. Tong

P.O. Box 236

Preston, WA 98050

(206) 499-0976

Education: B.A. Washington State University 1999, M.A. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 2017
Occupation: American Airlines, Retired United States Army

As a resident of Snoqualmie for the past 6 years, I bring my leadership and execution oriented skills learned in over 17 years in the United States Army to the Snoqualmie City Council to get results.


I personally believe that when serving in a position as a member of a council you must keep an open mind to a group or body of individuals who placed you in that position to represent them. It’s also important to look at the constraints and benefits your decision will place on the outcome. Based on my previous opportunities to serve and volunteer, I have always felt when my time has concluded that I have left the position better than I received it and I will do so as your Council member.


My vision is to maintain balance between growth and development, while still expanding the small-town family feel that Snoqualmie must offer.

Katherine Ross

Katherine Ross

6628 Fairway Ave SE

Snoqualmie, WA 98065

Education: MBA (Seattle University), BS, Business Administration (Iowa State University), Certification of Purchasing Management
Occupation: Snoqualmie City Council, full time; Board of Directors Encompass

I was honored to be unanimously appointed to the City Council from a pool of 9 candidates. I intend to build upon the City’s accomplishments by bringing a fresh perspective to the challenges ahead.


As a mother of twins, and passionate community volunteer of 18 years, I have devoted myself to supporting the needs of families and children in our Valley. I wish to strengthen Snoqualmie’s partnership with human service organizations to build a healthier, stronger and more resilient community. This can be accomplished by increasing city revenues through economic development that respects and enhances Snoqualmie as a premier destination and place to live.


Experience: President, Encompass, 2015; City Council Public Safety, Parks and Public Works Committees; Snoqualmie Library and Human Services Advisory Committees; graduate of Snoqualmie Citizens Academy and CERT; over 17 years in business management.


Endorsements: Snoqualmie Mayor Larson and City Councilmembers Jeans, Holloway, Munden, Prewitt, and Sundwall.

Lesley Sheppard

Lesley Sheppard

PO Box 1656

Snoqualmie, WA 98065

(206) 849-9929

Education: Claremont McKenna College. BA with Honors. International Relations and Economics.

Let’s be honest.   We all live in Snoqualmie because it is gorgeous.  We love its rural character, good schools and safe streets!


So why is the City turning Snoqualmie into an urban landscape?  A 5-story budget hotel?  A convention center above the Falls?  1200 more units in Snoqualmie Heights?  A 260-acre retail and industrial center at Mill Pond?  Why is the City in such a rush to destroy paradise?


I envision growth and economic vitality consistent with Snoqualmie’s small-town feel.  I envision boutique hotels, B&Bs, and more venues for our teens!


With your vote, I will call for empowering residents with the right of Initiative and Referendum, term limits, online publication of all city financials and a 6-month review on current development projects to assess them for citizen input, financial viability, traffic impact, environmental impact, and legal compliance.


My campaign in self funded.  Thank you for your vote!

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