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Kent School District 415

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Agda Burchard

Agda Burchard

23719 135th Pl SE

Kent, WA 98042

(206) 713-7118

Education: MA in Human Development: Early Childhood Education & Leadership in Education, and BA in Sociology
Occupation: Program Specialist, Administration for Children and Families, US Dept. HHS

As a parent of a Kent School District graduate, I understand we want the best education for our children. ALL students deserve safe welcoming schools, relevant coursework, academic rigor, nurturing relationships, and opportunities in the arts and sports.


I am committed to team KSD’s vision of successfully preparing ALL students for their futures. By focusing on our students’ academic and social emotional growth, while being fiscally responsible, we can achieve this vision. Attracting and retaining a diverse and premier workforce is critical. We must improve two-way communication with parents, students, staff and community. Strengthening partnerships that promote student achievement is essential. These strategies will help our students to graduate ready for successes in college, career and community life.


Living and volunteering in Kent for over 20 years, I know how to work collaboratively with others so that children thrive in school and life. I’ve served as a PTA leader, Girl Scout troop leader, and a director of an early childhood non-profit organization. I look forward to continuing to serve you as school board director. Thank you for your vote.

Bryon Madsen

Bryon Madsen

23006 135th Ave SE

Kent, WA 98042

(253) 639-3957

Education: Bachelor’s in Accounting; Master’s in Accounting; Taxation; Brigham Young University
Occupation: Manager, OB Services, LLC

My family has happily been in Kent schools since 1993.  We have four children, including a daughter with cerebral palsy, that have graduated and a sixth grader.


After reading about financial issues and the Board’s decision to cancel travel across the US Border, I decided to run and provide a constructive option.


Regarding the hiring and spending freeze; the reasons cited were lower enrollment and funding delays with McCleary.  Neither are acceptable. If enrollment fell short, put operating expenses in-line.  Despite McCleary, the Kent state per-student funding increased 33.7% from 2012/13 to 2016/17.  The 2014 levies expire in 2017 providing $81M in funding.  In 2018, expect a renewal.  While I support it, I require accountability.


Regarding the Board’s decision to cancel trips, the Board went too far in trying to create “equal access,” which is available for all students, in this case, proper documentation.   Requirements have not changed since 2009.  The Board should not extend decisions into personal responsibility.  Shall we discuss access that was not available to my daughter? Of course not.  She would not hold any opportunity back for another.  The decision did not provide appropriate education.


My focus is on teachers, students and the desires of parents. 


Denise Daniels

Denise Daniels

15829 SE 254TH PLACE


(206) 604-7974

Education: BA Human Services and Business Management, MA Counseling and Executive Leadership
Occupation: Administrator, Auburn School District

As educators, we have the opportunity to have a lasting and positive influence in the lives of our students and families. Dedicated teachers, principals, and support staff strive to do the best they can each day for our children, although they don’t always have access to the resources and professional development they need. It is no small task to educate students whose needs go far beyond what is taught in the classroom without providing adequate support and resources. Educational funding can no longer be an option, and the proper use and distribution of that funding is critical.   


As an administrator in the Auburn School District, I support students the school building, work directly with parents and families, provide professional development and support to teachers and staff, and collaborate with other districts, city, and community organizations to provide regional education and change across the state.  As a community member, mentor, volunteer, coach, and parent in the Kent community and school district, I will work to do the same and more for our students. I have the ability, experience, knowledge, influence, and passion to create change for our students and families.  I ask for your vote!


Every Student!  Every Opportunity!  Every Day!

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