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Chelsea Byers

Chelsea Byers

PO Box 28644

Seattle, WA 98118

(206) 747-0786

Education: Bachelor's in Economics/Political Science, University of Oregon Honors College; Master's from London School of Economics
Occupation: Vice President of Instruction, Galvanize

Our community members are working hard to support our students, and yet Seattle Public Schools has some of the worst achievement gaps in the country instead of being the kind of model, equitable and innovative school district we believe it can be. For too long, we haven’t had a functional school board that can effectively address these challenges. As a career educator who has also worked in the tech sector, I want to help Seattle Public Schools prepare all of our students to compete and thrive in the Washington economy. Working in technology education, I see the gulf between what companies are hiring for and the limited access to STEM skills training that many of our students have. Our district needs a well-functioning school board that sets clear priorities for the kind of education we want to offer all students, and supports our teachers and community members in aligning our resources.


As someone who has helped grow companies and oversee operations, I see an opportunity to prioritize funding to programs that improve academic rigor for all students, and particularly for our low-income and students of color. We need strong and engaged leaders to work within our communities to tackle problems head on and explore and research real solutions to immediately help our kids.


Spending time supporting kids in our community is an ongoing value for me. Volunteering regularly as an academic support tutor for foster youth, and with organizations helping to provide access in tech, underscores the amazing potential that our Seattle kids have. I would be honored to bring my business, operations and education experience to the job of being a collaborative, thoughtful board member who will fight for all of our kids.

Betty Patu

Betty Patu

P.O. Box 78317

Seattle, WA 98178

(206) 805-9668

Education: Bachelor's in Education, Antioch University; Master's in Education Administration, Antioch University
Occupation: Retired, Seattle Public Schools

There are few who understand the challenges of today’s schools or the communities who fill them.  My proven Leadership, Results and Experience have differentiated me from my opponents.  I have dedicated my life to understanding the dynamics of providing quality education to diverse groups.


I Have Proven Leadership


I retired after 32 years of successfully directing educational programs recognized to increase graduation rates, college-bound students and reduced gang violence, as highlighted in the New York Times.  I was responsible for having the highest number of South Pacific Islander students graduate from public school in any one year. The notoriety of my program prompted Seattle Public Schools to expand my outreach to include ALL students in which I’ve continued this same success.  My late husband and I inspired our 5 children, each accomplished with college degrees, to proudly carry their legacy of service to their communities.  I believe, “A child is a life, a life produces change as we responsibly make a difference in these lives”.


I Have Proven Results


My persistence in partnering with parents, students, staff and community in the schools I have served as Seattle School Board Director of District 7 for 2 terms, have shown significant improvements through Higher test scores, Increased graduation rates, Lower truancy rates and Increased family involvement. I am truly proud!


I Have Proven Experience


My Colleagues, Seattle School Board Directors, who represent the other Districts have endorsed my Re-election to serve on the Board again.  I've treated all communities with respect, ensured the safety of all our children and advocated for equitable and quality education.  There is a great deal of work left to accomplish together as I represent the voices of District 7. I need your support and vote to Re-Elect me, Betty Patu, for Seattle School Board Director, District 7

Tony Hemphill

Tony Hemphill

PO Box 28141

Seattle, WA 98118

(206) 931-6669

Education: B.S., Univ. of Washington/Excelsior Univ., M.B.A., Davenport Univ., Doctorate of Chiropractic, Life University
Occupation: Doctor of Chiropractic

My name is Dr. Tony Hemphill and I have been a Doctor of Chiropractic in Seattle for over 15 years. I am a proud father of 4 beautiful children who all grew up in South Seattle. For the past 18 years I’ve watched them go through the Seattle Public School System and have become very familiar with it's inner workings.


Like many families, we have faced issues within the school system that could be handled more effectively. Searching for answers and resolve for many experiences my family has endured, ignited my passion to become a leader on the school board.  My plan is to make sure children of all backgrounds have a successful experience in the public school system.


My objectives:


Standards: Zero tolerance for bullying and violence. South Seattle is a wonderfully diverse area and unfortunately this results in fear which can be displayed by bullying and violence. Consequences should be clear and in place to correct this behavior.


Education: Cultural education for teachers and students should be a requirement made available. Teachers should be aware of differences in their students and families. It will lead to a better learning environment, delete stereotypes and decrease ignorance.


Role Models: An area that is lacking diversity are our teachers. Teachers are some of the first role models our children encounter and they impact our children for the rest of their lives. It’s important for role models to be relatable and teachers should be comprised of all backgrounds. We must have increased teacher diversity of all gender and races.


These are but a few of the concerns that I will act on. I will listen and act on your concerns, because they affect all of our children as a whole.


Thank you for your consideration


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