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Fuzzy Fletcher

Fuzzy Fletcher

8062 Railroad Ave. S.E.

Snoqualmie, WA 98065

(206) 390-4136

Education: Bellevue Community Collage/Lake Washington Voc-tech
Occupation: Operations and Facilities Manager

Fuzzy Fletcher has the desire and experience to move Snoqualmie, into the future. How we handle future growth, diversity, environment, sustainable water, taxation and most important, including all citizens in the process, are his major reasons for running for Mayor. We must include our citizens in all phases of what happens in Snoqualmie.


Fuzzy’s qualifications include 26 years of residency, 8 years as Mayor of Snoqualmie and 2 years on City Council, 19 years of team work in local, tribal governments, human services & corporations. Fuzzy works, daily, with our Elder community, here in the Snoqualmie Valley. Human services and transit for our community are a daily part of his life.


Fuzzy’s vision is to sustain the unique beauty of Snoqualmie for our large and growing community.


We need change in City government and we need it now


Your voice matters.       Vote Fuzzy Fletcher for Mayor of Snoqualmie.

Steve Pennington

Steve Pennington

PO Box 1671

Snoqualmie, WA 98065

(425) 301-1014

Education: B.A., Washington State University
Occupation: Owner, Steve's Doughnuts

The City of Snoqualmie is entering an exciting new era. We can now direct our focus on enriching the lives of our citizens and making our town an ever more wonderful place to live. After twelve years of marching towards the same goals, it is important that we update not only our goals, but our expertise as well.


After fifteen years of working in the tech industry, leading highly effective teams and managing large software deployments, I turned my focus to my community. For the past eight years I’ve sat on boards and commissions, worked to advise and support local businesses, and built my own small business from scratch.


I believe in Maximum Transparency, and vow that as Mayor I will be accountable, active and available. Every voice will be heard, and every citizen will see their own priorities in the actions of their government. 


Edward J. Mortensen

Edward J. Mortensen

PO Box 321

Snoqualmie, WA 98065

(425) 691-7433

Education: Real life exsperiance
Occupation: Construction & Maintenance

We in Snoqualmie deserve to return to the place and time when voter's views and concerns where listened to by our elected officials. the change over the last couple of election cycles, when a public hearing was held the majority of the time at the end of the hearing they voted in favor without due  consideration of the citizens. No is the time for change thatI can bring.

Brad Toft

Brad Toft

7209 laurel ave SE

Snoqualmie, Washington 98065

(425) 444-3177

Education: King's High School | Seattle, Washington | Class of 1991
Occupation: Washington Regional Director | 24 Years Financial Services & Lending

Snoqualmie has recently been one of the fastest growing cities in Washington, yet no vision has been cast for our future. In the city’s next chapter, I will lead and engage our community to achieve this vision while preserving those things we love.


This can only be accomplished through improved city communication efforts, which is a top priority. I will make sure you don’t hear about developments after it’s too late.


I will head economic recruitment efforts to improve the quality of life of all citizens and help our local businesses thrive. Snoqualmie can have a world-class tourism economy that will protect us against tax increases and reliance on additional development to meet budget needs. We will bring much needed services, so your shopping and recreating can be done here.


Finally, I will continue to be a voice for a public education system that prepares our kids for the future.

Matt Larson

Matt Larson

7018 Fairway Ave SE

Snoqualmie, WA 98065

(425) 444-3596

Education: Advanced Certified Municipal Leader, Association of Washington Cities; Bachelor of Arts, St. John’s University, Minnesota
Occupation: Mayor, full time

As your mayor, I have effectively and successfully worked with residents, business owners, council members, city staff, community organizations, and regional leaders to make Snoqualmie one of the safest and best places to live and raise a family in America.


Together, we achieved this by: providing high-value, balanced, equitable and sustainable city services; protecting and preserving our spectacular natural environment; demanding well-planned growth; maintaining our parks, trails, and built environment to the highest standards; investing in downtown revitalization and flood mitigation; and providing responsive and effective police and fire services.


I am honored and privileged to serve as your mayor. Help me Keep Snoqualmie Thriving by supporting proven, experienced leadership. Please vote for me.


Endorsements: State Senator Mark Mullet; King County Council member Kathy Lambert; King County Sheriff John Urquhart; Snoqualmie City Council members Jeans, Holloway, Prewitt, Munden and Ross; and the mayors of North Bend, Carnation, Duvall and Issaquah.

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