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Andrew Swansen

Andrew Swansen

20134 102nd Ave SE

Kent, WA 98031

Education: Engineering and Business
Occupation: Executive Leader and Mentor, Operations and Technology, Seattle College District

I believe in transparency and listening to concerns and issues important to our community, and making decisions based on what’s right and serves our citizens.


I am that leader:


Seasoned business executive for over 20 years, I’ve worked with diverse small and large businesses to expand programs for growth while promoting employee equality and fairness.


Raising my family in Kent, I’m an active volunteer for kid’s sports and events throughout the community, I’m also a member of our local block watch group and crimestoppers certified helping keep our neighborhood’s and children safe.


As your mayor, I will work to make our city safe, and a better place for all our residents.


We will make our city government more transparent and fiscally responsible, creating a vibrant, inclusive community for all our residents.


I humbly ask for your vote.

Elizabeth Albertson

Elizabeth Albertson

629 E Guiberson St

Kent, WA 98030

(206) 595-3627

Education: Bachelors of Arts: Public Policy Administration, Community Leadership, Labor History from The Evergreen State College.
Occupation: Former two term Kent Councilmember; cofounder Kent Communities in Schools.

Kent needs leaders who follow the law, protect public parks, and who won’t give themselves pay raises. My record proves I am that leader.


As your Mayor, I will Protect Kent’s Future. We must attract family wage jobs, direct future growth and improve our quality of life.


As your Mayor, I will Prioritize Public Safety. Systemic changes are needed to address violent, criminal activities. A safe community requires better relationships between officers and the people they serve.


As your Mayor, I will Make Kent Beautiful. I’m frustrated by garbage, graffiti and poor maintenance in our beloved city. It’s my moral duty we work together to prevent declining home values, slowing business growth and increasing crime.


Folks are tired of the current political shenanigans. As your Mayor, I will fling open city doors and work with everyone - Democrats, Independents and Republicans - for you.


I humbly ask for your vote.

Dana Ralph

Dana Ralph

PO Box 6042

Kent, WA 98064

(253) 332-0760

Education: Kent-Meridian H.S., Bachelor’s-Business Management, Master’s-Management and Leadership
Occupation: Owner - Advance Billing Sytems, Kent City Councilmember

The status quo isn’t working for Kent. It’s time for bold, innovative leadership that steers Kent in the right direction. As your Mayor, I’ll be a hands-on leader who fights for good paying jobs, clean parks and smooth streets. I will prioritize spending, keep taxes low and put Kent families and businesses first.


I have a strong vision for the City of Kent. Through strategic leadership and data driven decision making I will move Kent into the future.


As Kent grows, I am committed to investing wisely in public safety, infrastructure, parks and responsible community development. I will improve quality of life for us all. That starts with my top priority, a safe community.


I am honored to be endorsed by Kent Police Officers(KPOA), Fire Fighters, Teachers(KEA) and businesses. The most important support I can have is yours.


I would be proud to have your vote and be your Mayor.

Jim Berrios

Jim Berrios

9506 So. 234th Pl.

Kent, Wa 98031

(253) 350-1811

Education: High school graduate and two years at Orange Coast College
Occupation: Kent City Councilmember; Owner, Golden Steer Steak & Rib House

I’m a public servant, not a politician.


As your councilmember, I've earned a reputation as a watchdog and strong advocate for the people. I’ll continue working to keep our neighborhoods safe and ensure everyone in our diverse city has an opportunity to succeed.


When others proposed a budget that raised taxes and cut road improvements, I successfully worked to use our funds more efficiently to prevent a tax increase, maintain funding for roads and provide additional parks funding.


I'm the only candidate for mayor with a voting record that matches my promises. You can count on me to conduct myself with integrity and treat everyone respectfully. That's reflected in the way I treat my family, employees and constituents. 


I believe that's why I was voted Kent's “Public Official of the Year” 3-years in a row and endorsed by leaders across the political spectrum. 


I'd be honored to receive your vote. 

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TTY: Relay 711

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