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Claude Blumenzweig

Claude Blumenzweig

PO Box 1561

Issaquah, WA 98027

(509) 599-3212

Education: High School
Occupation: Owner: Vino Bella

My name is Claude Blumenzweig and I am running for Mayor of Issaquah. I regard myself as a practical and common sense person. The platform I am running on is to 1) Work with Issaquah constituents and neighboring cities to come up with a plan to deal with the on-going traffic issues. 2) To revitalize Downtown Issaquah and curb wasteful spending that has become a problem for taxpayers in Issaquah 3) To assist and grow small business in Issaquah to help balance our economy and promote jobs. I also want to do more for Veterans on the local level.


I came to the United States in 1967 as a refugee. I am a proud father of one son and one daughter. This country has given me so much and I want to become Mayor of Issaquah so I can  give back to the community that I call home.

Mary Lou Pauly

Mary Lou Pauly

PO Box 1386

Issaquah, WA 98027

(425) 443-0953

Education: Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering, University of Waterloo
Occupation: Deputy President Issaquah City Council

Issaquah is an incredible community. However, now more than ever we need strong leadership with an eye to the future.


Growth in Issaquah and across the region has turned our traffic from an occasional annoyance to a daily crisis. I will work with community members, the City Council and regional partners to ensure transportation improvement is our top priority.


I will also work to update development standards and processes to enhance the unique charm and character of Issaquah and to meet the expectations that our resident and business communities have every right to expect.


As your Mayor, I will be committed to a future defined not just by regional cooperation and prioritized projects but to actually hearing the voices of our increasingly diverse community. Ultimately, to achieve and maintain the future we want, Issaquah needs all of us to speak up and work together in these challenging times.

Paul Winterstein

Paul Winterstein

PO Box 1521

Issaquah, WA 98027

(425) 591-9570

Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science, the Ohio State University -1984
Occupation: 33 years in software and related services; Issaquah City Council

Issaquah is a thriving community undergoing rapid change. How we manage growth while safeguarding our character and sense of community is the task facing our next Mayor.  As a City Councilmember, 33-year area resident, father and volunteer, it would be an honor to serve you in this role. On Council, I passed balanced budgets, bolstering public safety and investing in essential services.  I helped save Issaquah’s Senior Center, sponsored our comprehensive pedestrian and bicyclist, and healthy community plans, and worked with regional leaders to address growth, transportation, and housing needs.


As your Mayor I’ll protect our unique small town culture –   our great parks and open spaces, incredible small businesses, and affordability for young families and seniors living on fixed incomes.


I am proud to have the support of outgoing Mayor Fred Butler, parents, small business owners, and neighbors like you. It would be an honor to earn your vote.

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