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Nancy Tosta

Nancy Tosta

PO Box 66009

Burien, WA 98166

(206) 886-5591

Education: Bachelor and Master Degrees, Natural Resources,University of California, Berkeley
Occupation: Councilmember,18 years small business owner, 23 years public service

I’ve lived in Burien for 21 years, for the last four serving as your Councilmember (two as Deputy Mayor). I listen to you and work hard with you to meet our community needs. I’ve voted to address public safety with improved police services, community development, and expanded Block Watch. I voted to fund youth/teen programs, art, economic development to benefit local businesses, enhanced social services funding, and local animal control services (CARES). I supported our Sheriff’s policy to prohibit unnecessary inquiries into immigration status and creation of religious registries. Our issues cross city boundaries, so I work regionally on airport impacts, transportation, education, public safety, homelessness solutions, and Puget Sound recovery. I continue fighting for quiet skies and good jobs in Burien. I’m endorsed by King County Democrats, 34th District Democrats, and King County Labor Council.


I serve our city, our future, you. I ask for your vote. Thank you!

Mary Russell

Mary Russell

PO Box 48064

Seattle, WA 98148

(510) 646-0493

Education: BA Psychology, San Jose State University
Occupation: Small Business Owner and Consultant

Don't believe Tosta. In 2013 Nancy Tosta campaigned on bringing unity to Burien, sadly our community is more divided now than ever. She admitted guilt in violating campaign reporting law and has a voting record that demonstrates she is more concerned with Seattle's radical interests than Burien. She supported 15now and sadly has not supported our police. Tosta becomes paralyzed by hard decisions, often choosing to abstain from important votes. This is not leadership. It’s time for positive change and new blood in Burien.


Please remove Nancy Tosta and vote for leaders who will turn the focus back to Burien and get our beautiful city back on track. I can be a true leader, but if I'm not your choice, then vote for either Green or Esau. For the same reasons, please don’t allow Matta, Marx, Armstrong or Olguin near your hard earned tax dollars!


This time, vote for Burien!

Jill Esau

Jill Esau

P.O. Box 66373

Burien, WA 98166

(425) 503-6206

Education: University of California, Berkeley, BA, Seattle University Institute of Public Service
Occupation: Owner, Grencer Properties, World’s Best Treats, World Vision, Property Management

I'm not ideological, neither far left nor far right and Burien can be better with a pragmatic centrist vision. Burien, a community of great diversity and it's our greatest strength. We have the unique opportunity to gain safety, prosperity and economic growth by making wise decisions today!

Recent decisions under incumbent Nancy Tosta's leadership have resulted in a decline in our quality of life.

The stress and struggle for Burien families is greater than ever before.
I vow to use my comprehensive understanding of policy and my extensive experience as a grant writer to bring much needed financial acumen to Burien’s leadership team.

If you are unhappy with the way our city functions, please join me in choosing a different type of leadership and vote out the ineffective incumbents! I know Burien can be better. If you are ready for a return to basic traditional centrist values, Vote Jill Esau!

Darla Green

Darla Green

636 SW 152nd St Suite D

Burien, WA 98166

(206) 459-3516

Education: Highline College, Seattle Central Community College, Business. Master of Aesthetics, WA., Aesthetician, ORE, Crimestoppers Certified
Occupation: Burien Business Owner, Consultant, Seattle Southside Chamber Commerce Board Member

We need to protect our home, Burien, a lovely city with unlimited potential!


Burien is facing serious crime and economic crises due to ineffective grandstanding and poor decisions from incumbents.


This election is our best chance to stop the radical, failed Seattle policies continuing here. 


 I am a leader who is fiscally responsible and will partner with the community, to develop and foster thriving residential and business districts.


My commitment will be to bring much needed common sense back to our local government and to put crime reduction and economic development as top priorities. If elected, I will vigorously and responsibly confront these issues that affect our community with strong leadership, courage, and empathy.


In my career, I've managed multi-million dollar budgets. I'll bring that financial discipline to Burien. Together, we will work to create the vibrant and successful community we all want.


For Burien First leadership, Vote Darla Green.


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