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Austin Tucker

Austin Tucker

840 sw 154th St #7

Burien, wa 98166

(850) 293-6895

Education: Escambia High School, Seattle Central College
Occupation: Medical Cannabis Consultant, Recreational Cannabis Associate

I'm a medical cannabis consultant, and caretaker by nature, with a unique penchant for looking through statements for facts and actions. I've spent my time working with progressive coalition groups. I support single payer healthcare and compassionate policy that has been shown to have positive impacts on homelessness and income inequality. My goal, if elected, is to focus on building our community so that it can be enjoyed by all of our neighbors, including the homeless and those who don't live in the main focal areas of our town, to promote fiscal responsibility that actually holds our officials to account and promotes healthy economic and social growth within our boundaries and sets an example that our sister cities may follow. I believe that we are all equal, regardless of where we come from, and we all deserve the same opportunities to succeed. I want to bring those opportunities to everyone.

Debi Wagner

Debi Wagner

P O Box 238

Seahurst, WA 98062

(206) 241-1553

Education: Highline College, Advanced Music Training, Certified Crime Stopper
Occupation: Market Research, Customer Service (retired), Quiet Skies Coalition Board

I am honored to have served you and proud of the work I've accomplished. Public safety has been and will cintinue to be my top priority. We are adding more police officers this summer, restarted youth Police Explorers, and I believe vigorous application of laws to keep our library and neighborhoods safe for families is critical. Accomplishments include joining citizens to stop a new flight path, promoted high quality town square development, filling store fronts, partnership with Parks & Recreation and schools offering expanded athletic programs for youth and protected the environment.


I support and volunteer with great local organizations offering programs and services benefiting vulnerable populations and people wishing to transition out of homelessness. I have and will continue to vote against all tax increases, promote economic development to support fiscal needs, patronize, protect our small businesses and preserve our small town atmosphere. I would greatly appreciate your vote.

Jimmy Matta

Jimmy Matta

PO Box 66642

Burien, WA 98166

(425) 918-0274

Occupation: Project Manager & Construction Operations

I will work to create a safe community for everyone. I currently serve on the Public Safety Committee for the Latino Civic Alliance and know firsthand that public safety begins with community involvement. We can develop community-centric solutions by supporting programs that encourage the public to work with our local police and judicial system.


As a small business owner, I know the challenges businesses face in our community. I will work with local schools and organizations to create public-private programs that will help new and prospective business owners navigate the hurdles of starting a business. New businesses provide additional opportunities for living wage jobs.


I will make sure we are not only working to keep housing affordable in Burien, but that we are bringing in the jobs that will allow people to continue to live here.


Endorsements: 34th District Democrats, King County Council member Dave Upthegrove, King County Labor Council.


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TTY: Relay 711

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