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Commissioner Position 4

Preeti Shridhar

Preeti Shridhar

P.O. Box 20792

Seattle, WA 98102

(206) 452-6008

Education: Master’s, Finance & Marketing; Bachelor’s, Business Administration; Bachelor’s, Economics; Graduate Degree, International Trade
Occupation: Deputy Public Affairs Administrator, City of Renton

I have been honored to work in public service for 25 years and I will ensure that the Port serves the best interests of all in King County.


Economy - I will strengthen our regional economy and maintain our leadership role in the aviation, maritime, and tourism industries. I will promote economic inclusion, supporting opportunities for small businesses. And I will work so that everyone benefits from growth at the airport and seaport.


Jobs - I will sustain and create family-wage jobs in our community, building career pathways for young people so they can get good-paying jobs and support their families. I have worked with our colleges to develop job-training programs that help people prepare for jobs and ensure businesses have enough qualified employees.


Environment - I helped to introduce Seattle’s Climate Protection Initiative, and its conservation and recycling programs. I will work to minimize the environmental impacts of the growth at Sea-Tac Airport. I will support programs to make our airport the first in the nation to provide biofuel so we can protect our planet and our airport communities even as we grow.


Inclusion - I will represent our region in the national immigration debate so that federal policies support our community values and all are welcomed here.


Partnerships - I will bring strong existing relationships with all the cities in King County, as well as businesses and community organizations.


Accountability – No more headlines questioning the propriety of Port decisions. I will make sure decisions are open and transparent. My door will be open and I will personally respond to every inquiry from you.


I would be honored to serve you. I ask for your vote.


Endorsements: 33rd District Democrats; the mayors of Redmond, Renton, Kent, Auburn, and Covington; Leaders from the Indian, Somali, and African-American communities.

Richard Pope

Richard Pope

15600 N.E. 8th Street, Suite B1-358

Bellevue, WA 98008

(425) 829-5305

Education: University of Washington, JD Law; Excelsior College, BA Economics; University of Tennessee, Graduate Studies Economics
Occupation: Attorney, Small Business Owner, Devoted Parent, and Concerned Citizen

Let’s Abolish the Unfair $72.0 Million Port Property Tax Levy!


This year, King County property owners are being taxed $72.0 Million to subsidize the Port of Seattle. Since 2002, this unfair property tax levy has more than doubled. Why should working families and senior citizens be drained, just to subsidize international shipping companies and privileged Port contractors?


Other major ports don’t tax the people, but give money back to the people. Our biggest rivals, Los Angeles and Vancouver BC, give back over $100 million annually to support local governments. With over $5 billion in net assets, the Port of Seattle can also give back to help the people, and stop taking such an enormous subsidy.


Unfortunately, the Port of Seattle has failed to effectively manage its investments. With the cushion of a property tax subsidy, it simply hasn’t been forced to do so. Most people know that the Port runs the airport, seaport, and cruise terminal, but it also manages four conference centers, six office and commercial developments, a system of nineteen parks, and a police department nearly as large as the entire City of Renton force. International trade and commercial aviation should be profitable, instead of senselessly wasting our tax dollars.


We need to trim and reform overbloated and inefficient Port management. The Port CEO makes $350,000 annually, over twice the Governor’s salary! Hundreds of top executives have comfortable six-figure salaries. Controversial leases and contracts have been awarded with very little debate or public scrutiny. Year after year, the Port faces divisive scandals, illegal payouts, and disastrous performance audits. We need to reform our Port and make it financially accountable and self-supporting!


I am an ordinary citizen, small business owner, and a concerned and devoted parent. I would be honored to have your vote and support in this election.

Brooks Salazar

Brooks Salazar

1631 16th ave Suite 205

Seattle, WA 98122

(206) 489-9809

Education: Bachelors Degree Eastern Washington University
Occupation: Industrial Appeals Specialist, State of Washington

Community Service:  Martin Luther King County Labor Council; 34th Legislative District Democrats; Laurelhurst PTA; Labor for Latin American Advancement; Association of Latino Professionals for America; King County Young Democrats


My grandfather, a migrant worker, taught me about hard work, accountability, integrity and responsibility as we cut asparagus side by side in the fields of Yakima. Now, decades later, I’m ready to bring these values to the Port. With your vote, I will be the first Latino Commissioner at the Port of Seattle.


Living in West Seattle with my family, I can hear our harbor humming and our airport buzzing with activity.  These economic engines are critical parts of our communities, and they are a driving force of income for some - but not for all. Many men and women working long hours at hard jobs at the port are still struggling to support their families. Many of them live in communities close to the harbor and airport, where they are exposed to greater than average air and water pollution.


As Port Commissioner, I will work to ensure our port and airport are vibrant, environmentally sustainable economic engines benefiting everyone in King County, not just the big corporations making profits at our docks and terminals. I will implement checks and balances, not sign blank checks for whatever the Port wants. I will support a Sodo Sports Arena as long as it’s privately funded because our hard-earned taxes should be used for schools, roads, and addressing growth and infrastructure. As Port Commissioner, I will bring my grandfather’s values of hard work, accountability, responsibility, and integrity to the Port of Seattle.


Endorsed by: King County Council President Joe McDermott, 31st and 32nd LD Democrats, Iron Workers 86, Washington State Employees Union 304 and 308, Interpreters United, Heat and Frost Workers Local 7.

Peter Steinbrueck

Peter Steinbrueck

2518 S. Brandon Court

Seattle, WA 98108

(206) 723-3045

Education: Loeb Fellow, Harvard University; MA, Architecture, University of Washington; BA, Government, Bowdoin College
Occupation: Steinbrueck Urban Strategies; Architect, Community Planner, former Seattle City Councilmember

I will open wide the Port’s doors to transparency, insist on strictest ethics and full accountability. No more illegal pay raises and hiring blunders!


It’s about good jobs, good governance, and greening the port. For our state’s largest port to remain globally competitive, public policy and investment must align, and we must have greater confidence in its governance. My top goal: create more equitable, living wage jobs. The Port’s shipping facilities, along with our iconic Pacific fishing fleet at Fisherman’s terminal, provide over 70,000 stable, living wage jobs in our region. Cruise ships draw nearly a million passengers yearly.


The Port and its partners must do more to extend their reach into underserved communities and provide job training and equitable employment opportunities.


I will work hard to increase the Port’s commitment to environmental protections for reducing noise, air pollution, improving water quality, and impacts to surrounding communities. SeaTac airport is one of the fastest growing airports nationwide, but it’s noise and air pollution impacts are fast growing too. It’s time to begin studies for another regional airport, and promote quieter jets and cleaner jet fuels. The Port must lead on climate!


I will bring strong, principled, and experienced leadership to the port commission, as my active engagement in community and 10 years on the Seattle City Council demonstrate. I will work with governments throughout Washington for better planning, sustainable development, and a more environmentally friendly region. I’ll prioritize improving relations with communities and local governments.


Endorsed by 32nd Democrats, Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib, Sen. Reuven Carlyle, Reps. Judy Clibborn (Mercer Island), Joan McBride (Kirkland), Tina Orwall (Des Moines), Gerry Pollet, Hon. Conrad Lee (Bellevue), Hon. Pete Von Reichbauer (Federal Way), Hon. Larry Gossett (Seattle), environmentalists Rod Brown and Maryanne Tagney, commercial fisherman Pete Knudsen and more!

Ray S. Armitstead

Ray S. Armitstead

4156 47th Ave SW

Seattle, WA 98116

(206) 372-1901

Education: Master, Unlimited, any ocean, any tonnage. Certified USCG. Marine schooling.
Occupation: Master Mariner, retired

Ran a 100 room hotel on 1st Ave.  My clients were tourists, International Hostelers and homeless. This reminds me of the time on one of the last American cruise ships 325 passengers, 275 crew 42 day South Pacific cruise. They all needed attention and welfare to feel at ease and welcome. Also owned a passenger van service, shuttling flight crews from Sea-Tac to various hotels in Seattle.


This is how I still feel and have the ability to listen to people, make decisions and come up with ideas of innovations and continue prosperity for the Port of Seattle.


This has been a long run from the pre-teenager who loved his port, sold newspapers to Alaska Steam passengers  in the 30.s and joined the service Feb 1942 at age 15 and still enjoy a wife of 72 years with family.


Please vote for me and let me continue my work to position the Puget Sound region as a premier international logistics hub and advance this region as a leading tourism destination and business gateway.


Thank you!






John Persak

John Persak

PO Box 84355

Seattle, Wa 98124

(206) 291-5411

Education: Professional maritime career training
Occupation: Maritime, longshore and logistics; policy advocate/Vice President, ILWU 19

I am running to ensure that the Port of Seattle remains the people’s port, and that all decisions prioritize living wages and the need for a livable planet and communities.  I will use the Port’s economic engine to rebuild the middle class by creating good paying jobs for our families and prioritizing environmental stewardship.


We must increase transparency in light of recent Port decisions that don’t reflect the civic values of King County. I will be accountable and accessible to ensure Port decisions support our working waterfront, fishing community, and our airport communities.


I am committed to democratic progressive values. As a labor leader, I have fought for the rights of workers and communities for many years. I serve on the Port’s Environment & Sustainability Committee, and have a unique understanding of the Port’s governance and operations, and can improve them.


Our region is known for our environmental stewardship and the Port needs to better reflect that. I’ll work to promote renewable fuels, electrify shore power to reduce ship pollution, and reduce noise and air pollution around the airport. I will bring labor and environmental leaders together to ensure all Commission actions responsibly combat climate change while creating jobs.


I have unmatched policy experience directly with Port issues including environmental sustainability, freight mobility, labor relations, and land use. This experience is essential to be an effective Port Commissioner, and I am the only candidate who can hit the ground running on day one.


I am the strong voice the Port needs to champion our working families and environment.


Endorsements: Martin Luther King Jr. County Labor Council, Senator Maralyn Chase, Representative Noel Frame, Representative Mia Gregerson, ILWU 19, Inland Boatman’s Union, 32nd, 34th, 36th, 46th and 48th District Democrats, Teamsters 117, Peter Goldman, Eugene Wasserman, David Gering and many more.

Fernando Martinez

Fernando Martinez

P.O. Box 51078

Seattle, WA 98115

(206) 524-4327

Education: B.S. in Criminal Justice, University of Texas at El Paso - M.B.A., University of Phoenix
Occupation: President/Chief Executive Officer, Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council

The Port of Seattle is an economic engine generating $19 billion in revenues, supporting over 216,000 jobs, and contributing over $894 million in tax revenue to our region annually. To ensure the continued competitiveness of the Port requires that all stakeholders participate in planning success, critical decision making, and execution of planned change. The Port of Seattle must: diversify its workforce from entry level to executive positions; include a diverse supply chain; and mandate Port Suppliers share the same values of inclusion. To further strengthen our growth, we must understand and prepare for the upcoming changes to our labor force.


With over 37 years’ experience in the private sectors, I have the required skills to lead organizations through change and growth. I understand how important the Port of Seattle Commission must work with the Port of Seattle Leadership Team.


The Port of Seattle’s Century Agenda (25-year look-ahead strategy) requires a leader that can envision the future, assess Century Agenda performance, engage all stakeholders, recommend improvements to the existing strategy where needed, and grow the Port of Seattle in a responsible manner for our future generations. I began developing my leadership experience as a young entrant into the workforce, honing that experience during my service as an Airborne Ranger in the United States Army, continuing my development in Seattle as a union member of Local 8 H.E.R.E. as a banquet employee. My career, skills, and capabilities have grown since then into the proven leader I am today. Most recently I received the 2015 National Minority Supplier Development Council Vanguard Leadership Award for leading a national reorganization in 2014.


I am a leader that values the Seattle Port Commissioner’s position. I am committed and hold myself accountable for preserving and growing our Port in a responsible manner for the benefit of all!

Ken Rogers

Ken Rogers

PO Box 98867

Des Moines, WA 98198

(206) 579-7151

Education: BA Indiana University; Stanford Law School’s Directors College Executive Seminar on Corporate Governance
Occupation: Small business owner, DM Harborside, LLC - Economic Development

I am running for Port Commissioner because I want to make a contribution to my community using the experience I’ve gained over the past 30 years in aviation. I am a former US Air Force pilot, commercial airline pilot, labor leader, and for ten years, I served on the Board of Directors of one of the world’s largest passenger airlines.


Over eighty percent of the port’s operating revenue is related to aviation, and yet none of the current commissioners has experience in the aviation industry. If elected, I would bring an extensive background in international aviation and passenger airline transportation and an understanding of aviation safety and security, airline operations, labor relations and international business economics.


My guiding principles are:


Port business operations should pay for themselves. Property taxes should be reserved for schools and government services that do not generate revenue. I would work to phase out the port-imposed property tax currently paid by all King County property owners.


As stewards of a multi-million-dollar public asset, port commissioners should have the experience necessary to make sound decisions on behalf of the taxpayers they serve.


Commissioners are accountable to the public, and decision-making should be responsive to the community, inclusive and transparent.


The port’s maritime and aviation businesses should focus on generating jobs and business opportunities for King County residents. We need a working waterfront and recreational access for all citizens, not more elite residential development reserved for a wealthy few.


Port operations must respect the environment – less noise, pollution, and traffic congestion.


As a resident of Des Moines, I would also be the only commissioner who resides in the community surrounding Sea-Tac Airport. South King County should have representation on the commission. I am committed to nurturing strong partnerships with airport communities.


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