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Lisa Espinosa

Lisa Espinosa

PO Box 46852

Seattle, Wa 98146

(206) 549-8984

Education: BA, Communications, UW; MA, Public Administration, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, UW
Occupation: Customer service, PSE; former Sustainability Specialist, KCHA; Conservation Director, SPU

For nearly a decade Seattleites have watched one CEO after another leave the Port under less than favorable circumstances.  I am running to make your voice heard, rebuild the reputation of the Port, protect jobs and take action to secure both our seaport and airport without infringing on your privacy rights or subjecting you to unreasonable searches.


I'm committed to promoting more inclusive, transparent engagement in the Port’s decision-making processes, unlike what happened when the Shell Oil lease decision was decided. By demanding and holding evening Commission meetings the public will gain a voice in these decisions, ultimately creating commissioner accountability.


The Port should continue to create and protect family wage jobs with full benefits, especially in the face of increasing calls for cargo automation.  Environmentally friendly businesses create long-term jobs, while preserving and restoring Puget Sound. 


As Port Commissioner, I will increase the number of minority owned business partnerships, especially at Sea-Tac. Historically, Commission seats have not been held by people of color which may explain this inequity.  I will also be open to discussing the creation of a community supported professional sports arena.  I'll advocate for equitable funding and environmentally responsible construction at all Port properties.  In addition, I'll ensure that a more thorough and expedient cleaning up of the Duwamish River is implemented.


Port operations should be paid by those benefiting from them, such as cruise ship companies.  We are becoming too dependent on an industry with a spotty record for health, safety and clean air/water practices.


Port Commissioners need policy expertise, as well as experience building alliances.  I have both from my education and my former employment responsibilities.


Please vote for me to ensure that the Port’s Century Agenda is fulfilled. I will provide common sense to the Port of Seattle Commission.

Ahmed Abdi

Ahmed Abdi

2928 S. Willow St

Seattle, WA 98108

(206) 335-6547

Education: Seattle Central College
Occupation: Outreach Manager, Fair Work Center

Living here in King County with my wife and children, I am passionate about protecting working people’s rights and our environment. As a refugee from violence and civil war in Somalia, I would lay awake at night in a Kenyan refugee camp believing that anyone who comes here and works hard can achieve the American Dream.


Now, as a proud citizen of this country who has gone from working in a chicken processing factory to college, I’m running for Port Commissioner because it’s clear that the Port and many current commissioners are blocking the road to the American Dream for many others.


Port Commissioners fought against providing paid sick leave, job protections and a $15 minimum wage for thousands of airport workers. They voted to let the Shell Oil drilling platform into our beautiful Puget Sound. They don’t think twice about replacing family wage union jobs with interns or looking the other way when Port staff and the CEO don’t follow the rules.


These are not King County’s or America’s values. I believe that people who work hard deserve a fair wage, that we all have a right to clean water and clean air, and that everyone- especially public officials - should play by the rules. I will fight hard to represent the voices of working people and the communities directly impacted by the Port’s pollution. And I will hold our public Port of Seattle accountable to the public.


I am proud to be endorsed by leaders like State Senator Rebecca Saldana, and State Senator Bob Hasegawa, Democrats like the 32nd, 36th and 46th LD Democrats, and unions like Teamsters 117. Community Service: Seattle Housing Authority Board Commissioner; Somali Community Services

Stephanie Bowman

Stephanie Bowman

PO Box 23011

Seattle, WA 98102

Education: Seattle University, M.B.A., Executive Leadership; University of Idaho, Bachelor of Science; American Marshall Fellowship
Occupation: Executive Director, Washington ABC, statewide non-profit helping economically-disadvantaged families

The Port of Seattle is an engine of our economy and a critical West Coast transportation hub. The jobs and infrastructure of our Port serve people and businesses across the globe, and must always be good partners with taxpayers, workers, and communities throughout our region.


I’ve made it my goal to position the Port for economic success, environmental stewardship, and leadership in social equity.  In order to protect and grow middle class jobs on our waterfront, I led the creation of the historic partnership with the Port of Tacoma. Together we will collaborate, rather than compete, to keep cargo and jobs in our region, rather than Canada or Los Angeles.


I spearheaded the creation of an innovative internship program, in partnership with industry and Seattle Public Schools, providing hundreds of disadvantaged youth with well-paid internships, so they gain exposure to potential careers.


I support a $15 minimum wage for Port workers and job-training and apprenticeship programs so workers can advance their careers. I’ve worked to ensure the future of the Alaska fishing fleet, so the next generation of fishing vessels is built in Washington. I’ve focused on Port sustainability, working to bring aviation bio-fuels to Sea-Tac Airport, cleaning up stormwater on marine terminals, and fighting for oil train safety for our communities.


There is more to be done, especially as we address wage disparities, transportation challenges, and increased global competition.  We must also ensure that our Port remains a global port of entry, open to people from all over the world. 


I would be honored to have your support to continue this work.


Sole Endorsements: Washington Conservation Voters; Port of Seattle Firefighters; King County Labor Council; Building Trades; Women’s Political Caucus; Longshoreman’s and Sailors Union of the Pacific; Democratic organizations; dozens of local mayors; and community leaders throughout King County

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