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Claudia Kauffman

Claudia Kauffman

PO Box 9100

Seattle, WA 98109

(253) 335-1851

Education: Associate of Arts & Sciences - Northwest Indian College
Occupation: Intergovernmental Affairs Liaison, Former State Senator

Like other governments, the Port of Seattle belongs to the citizens. I am running for the Port of Seattle Commission to bring much needed transparency and accountability, thoughtful leadership and integrity to that most important local government. I am deeply concerned about recent reports detailing unlawful bonuses authorized by the Port of Seattle Commission, and all of the costly lawsuits that could have been avoided, and decisions made behind closed doors. Let’s give the Port of Seattle back to the people.


King County taxpayers deserve the kind of thoughtful leadership that I intend to bring to the Port. It is time to move past the bad decisions, get the Port’s house in order, and focus on growing family wage jobs, protecting, preserving, and enhancing our environment, and serving the taxpayers with integrity, and make decisions that are in the best interest of taxpayers.


It’s time for a new direction


I will bring a new direction and a fresh perspective on Port of Seattle Commission. I served in the State Senate and worked with both parties on the Transportation, Trade & Economic Development Committees and worked to enhance small business loan programs promoted export businesses.


My priorities include creating family wage jobs. We must protect and grow jobs in maritime, aviation, tourism, fishing and international trade. One third of our jobs are trade related - our Port is an engine for economic growth for our state! Our environment is an economic asset. The Port must be a national leader in reducing emissions, limiting noise and other pollution.


Endorsements: Noel Frame, Larry Gossett, Debora Juarez, Pete Lewis, Sharon Maeda, Debbie Ranniger, Dolores Sibonga, Velma Veloria

Bea Querido-Rico

Bea Querido-Rico

PO Box 19312

Seattle, WA 98109

(206) 659-7284

Education: Master’s in Engineering, MIT - Zaragoza International Logistics Program. Bachelor’s in Business, George Washington University
Occupation: Strategic Planning Program Manager, The Port of Seattle

Bea is an engineer, a nonprofit community leader, and a champion for change to systems that are ineffective and inefficient. She is the only candidate in the race that has direct Port of Seattle operations experience, who understands the inner workings of the Port organization, and can instantly connect the impact of policy decisions, which helps to effectively serve the public. Bea is interested in not only driving innovation at a policy level but also challenging a political system that will enable more women and underrepresented communities to have a voice in government.


Her approach to problem solving comes from her 12+ year career in aerospace and transportation, and is that person who will rollup her sleeves, put politics aside, and tackle the core of issues. She’s eager to contribute a fresh perspective and energy to address the complex supply chain, logistics, and transportation challenges in our region.


If elected as Port Commissioner, her commitment to increasing the number quality jobs and relevant training is parallel to developing a plan to get ahead of high-tech innovations that will impact transportation and trade in the Puget Sound, such as: space commercialization, high-speed rail (maglev), unmanned cargo aircraft, and terminal operations’ modernization among other trending logistics and transportation systems. She also believes in the power of transparency and will establish an Open Data policy such that King County constituents are empowered and inspired to launch more startups, as well as protecting and promoting agriculture, fishing, and maritime industries. She advocates for environment sustainability and supports the promotion of ecotourism to visitors.


Bea is dedicated to improving transportation, trade, and logistics but she also enjoys balancing life by cooking Filipino and Spanish food for family and friends, and backpacking in the Pacific Northwest.


To keep this region beautiful and thriving, elect Bea.

Ryan Calkins

Ryan Calkins

119 1st Ave S Ste 320

Seattle, WA 98104

(206) 682-7328

Education: M.A. International Relations, Yale University; B.A., Willamette University
Occupation: Small business owner; Nonprofit professional serving women and minority-owned businesses

With our vote, Ryan Calkins will work for transparency and ethics, environmental sustainability, and economic growth to support every member of our community. Raised in the area by a public school teacher and a small business owner, Ryan brings a needed combination of integrity, work ethic and progressive values to the Port of Seattle Commission.


With over a decade of experience leading importing and manufacturing businesses, Ryan worked directly with shipping operations at the Port. Under his leadership, the import company was named one of Seattle’s Greenest Businesses by Seattle City Light in 2015, serving as a model for sustainable practices across the country.


A public school dad, civic leader, and former international human rights worker, Ryan will stand up for the rights of immigrants and refugees who pass through our airport. As a strong voice for the environment, he will modernize port equipment to reduce emissions that harm air quality in the communities around the airport and seaport.


Ryan worked his way through school as a member of Teamsters Local 38. As a business owner, he supported $15 Now, the statewide minimum wage, and efforts to expand paid leave. He will protect and expand family wage jobs, create opportunities for women and minority-owned small businesses at the Port, and push for increased unionization of Port workers.


In light of recent scandals, Ryan believes that the next Port CEO must be committed above all else to the ethical and transparent management of this important public enterprise. Taxpayers deserve to know how their resources are being invested, and need those investments to improve our economy, environment, and quality of life.


Ryan has earned the endorsement of the 32nd, 33rd, 34th, 36th and 46th District Democrats and over 100 elected Democratic officials, business, labor, and environmental leaders across our county.

John Creighton

John Creighton

6619 - 132nd Avenue NE, PMB 182

Kirkland, WA 98033

(206) 818-4473

Education: Interlake High School, Bellevue; BA and MA, International Relations, Johns Hopkins University; JD, Columbia University
Occupation: Business Attorney, Seattle Port Commissioner

Since being elected to the Seattle Port Commission, I have worked to keep the Port strong as a regional jobs creation engine, while making it a more publicly accountable, environmentally sustainable operation.


First and foremost, the Port should be an economic engine for the region. I have worked to make sure our airport, cargo facilities, cruise and fishing terminals and marinas create family wage jobs in the Puget Sound. In 2015, we launched the Northwest Seaport Alliance, our cooperative agreement with the Port of Tacoma, strengthening the competitive position of Puget Sound container ports and growing cargo and jobs. Sea-Tac is now the ninth busiest airport in the country with over 45 million passengers traveling through our airport in 2016. We are proud to be home to the North Pacific Fishing Fleet, which accounts for 40% of the domestic seafood consumed in the US.


At the same time, I have worked to make the Port of Seattle one of the most environmentally friendly ports in the world. In fact, the Port of Seattle offers the lowest carbon footprint for cargo shipped by sea from Asia to major markets in the Midwest and East Coast. I also continue to work with the airline industry to make Sea-Tac the first US airport with biofuel capability at all terminals.


Our Port can continue to be an economic driver in our region, set an example for environmental leadership and be accountable for your tax dollars. I’m excited to continue this work as your commissioner for the Port of Seattle.


Endorsed: Washington Conservation Voters, King County Democrats, Martin Luther King County Labor Council, Sailors Union of the Pacific, Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Lieutenant Governor Cyrus Habib, Former US EPA Director Bill Ruckelshaus, Mayors Nancy Backus, Suzette Cooke and Leeanne Guier and many more.

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