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Education: University educated in Germany, Sweden, and America. Earned Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees with Economic minors
Occupation: Part owner: Boeing, Microsoft, PacCar, Disney, Irobot, Orbital, Southwest, etc.

Abolishing the minimum wage will create jobs, jobs, and more jobs and a fantastic future.


As usual, as a small spending/small tax, perennial candidate running against big spending/big tax perennial incumbents, I, GoodSpaceGuy, am advocating for a better orbital space program and a peoples’ technological living standard that soars up into the sky.


We should allow the economy to create jobs for everyone who is willing to work. We should move away from the hugely out-of-balance Command Economy and its destructive minimum wage.


We should move towards the voluntary, competitive, prosperity-producing Free Market Economy.


More jobs help produce solutions. Jobs are solutions! Stop killing jobs. Also let’s transform King County into a clean and beautiful parking paradise in which King County becomes a good home for many industries, including the space industry and the fantasy-of-film industry.


Problem people have difficulty finding, getting, and keeping jobs. The job destroying minimum wages seem to say, “Problem people, you may not work! You will earn zero dollars per hour.”


The minimum wage of the Command Economy forbids problem people working. Bad things happen. Employers refuse to hire problem people. Homelessness, misery, begging, trash, and crime increase. The homeless get wet and cold in the trashy, winter rain.


After we abolish the minimum wage, problem people can increase their earnings. Work produces worker wealth and skill, an upward path. As it becomes easier to get jobs, problem people can help make King County clean, beautiful, and great again. Let’s declare the job destroying minimum wage to be unconstitutional.


To decrease homelessness, begging, welfare, and crime, please defend the right of problem people to sell their faulty labor at their individual low market rates. Elect GoodSpaceGuy as your next King County Executive. Go Seahawks! Go Mariners!

Dow Constantine

Dow Constantine

PO Box 16285

Seattle, WA 98116

(206) 937-3694

Education: University of Washington BA, MA Urban Planning, JD; West Seattle High School
Occupation: King County Executive; former Legislator; Attorney; Planner

Whether you just arrived here, or your family has lived here for generations, this is your place. You belong here. My work as Executive for our dynamic, growing region is dedicated to the idea that every one of us should be able to fulfill our potential and, in doing so, give back to the community that made it possible. Here, in King County, we have what it takes to make the American promise of equal opportunity and boundless possibility real for all people.


The voter-approved Best Starts for Kids helps young families through some of life’s toughest challenges, nurturing the next generation and keeping kids on a path to success. Investing in prevention and alternatives, we reduced youth incarceration 75% over 20 years. Partnering with Planned Parenthood, we increased access to women’s health, and reduced teen pregnancy countywide by 55% in just eight years.


Growth brings opportunity, but also challenges. To restore mobility I’ve led investments like rebuilding the South Park Bridge, expanding passenger ferry service, and extending Sound Transit light rail north, south, east and west. To protect the Northwest we love, I’ve held the line on sprawl, preserved farmlands and forests, and set ambitious targets to save our remaining open space, and fight the threat of climate change.


We’re tackling​ ​the​ ​homelessness​ ​and​ ​housing​ ​crises​ ​through​ ​immediate​ ​investments​ ​in affordable​ ​housing,​ ​emergency​ ​shelter​ ​with​ ​innovative services​,​ ​and​ ​targeted​ ​tax​ ​relief​​ ​for​ ​low​-​income​ ​seniors. I’ve proposed a renewed, expanded Veterans, Seniors and Human Services levy with the goal that no one who served our country, and no one who built this region, will become homeless.​


I love this place where I was raised, and where we’re raising our little daughter. I’m determined to keep it prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable for generations to come, and would appreciate your vote.

Bill Hirt

Bill Hirt

2615 170th SE

Bellevue, WA 98008

(425) 747-4185

Education: BS and MS Engineering Iowa State University
Occupation: Retired after 36 years at Boeing

My candidacy’s an attempt to attract attention to my blog detailing County Executive Constantine’s Sound Transit “Prop 1 and Beyond” light rail debacle. I have no expectation or desire to win and will not seek nor accept any financial support.


Sound Transit violated the RCW when they refused to consider lower cost alternatives to their light rail “spine” along I-5 corridor and across I-90 Bridge. They could have eased congestion years ago attracting thousands more transit riders adding parking with access to BRT routes along limited access lanes on both corridors. A hundred such routes could have added 10,000 riders a day.


Sound Transit could spend ST3 funds expediting light rail extensions to Ballard and West Seattle as a “reward” for their 70% support. Instead they’ll spend it on a “spine” routed through the DSTT; limiting capacity to the point the vast majority of the $54 billion will be spent on Central Link extensions that’ll do absolutely nothing to ease congestion on I-5. On I-90 they’ll spend $3.6B for East Link’s one 4-car train every 8 minutes. Even ST claims, at best, it will “reduce” daily bridge traffic from 160,000 to 159,500 vehicles.


By comparison they could’ve added outer roadway lanes for non-transit HOV and BRT on center roadway years ago. The 100 bus routes there could’ve also replaced 10,000 vehicles, reducing congestion not only on the bridge, but along the entire I-90 corridor. Money spent on East Link could’ve provided thousands of additional P&R stalls. Instead ST will permanently close the bridge center roadway this summer without ever demonstrating outer roadways can accommodate current vehicle traffic let alone future growth; inevitably resulting in gridlock.


While my candidacy “likely” won’t stop ST plans, it’ll tell what to expect and that it didn’t have to happen.



Stan Lippmann

Stan Lippmann

1532 NW 195th St

Shoreline, WA 98177

(206) 201-2499

Education: BS, Physics, NYU (1981) MA, Physics, JHU (1984). PhD., Physics, JHU (1989). JD, UW (1998).
Occupation: Physics Teacher

In reviewing my past voter pamphlet statements, I am reminded that a thought has no social reality if it is never expressed. Twenty years ago, as a UW Law Student, I was motivated to run for Mayor of Seattle to make the public aware of mass vaccination risks. By 2000, when I ran for Attorney General, I had expanded my platform to be as general as possible. In 2001, I proposed a 200 mile inductrack maglev monorail to solve our transportation and housing affordability problems. Running 14 times for various offices has allowed me to express my thoughts under the belief that is how social reality is constructed. So now is the time to elect me and together we will be able to realize a Cornucopian outlook: that if you can read this, you can achieve independence and wealth within a rejuvenated society, led by a County Executive with a plan to get us back on the path to general prosperity. Under State and County Authorities, as Executive I will propose to the County Council the establishment of King County Power Authority as a countywide Public Utility District. The immediate project is to build a 1 GW solar farm east of the Cascades. Parcels will be sold to county residents at a profit, to fund the County and the organic growth of the farm to 12 GW in size. The County will be largely solar powered at that point and able to fund itself with its portion of the solar farm. The time is now since solar is about to become cheaper than Bonneville wholesale rates. As a pilot project for the maglev, the Seattle Monorail can be upgraded with the same technology the Hyperloop One is developing. Visit

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