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Lake Washington School District No. 414

Director District No. 5

Lindsey Yocum

Lindsey Yocum

P.O. BOX 2351

REDMOND, WA 98073-2351

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Western Washington University; Masters in Teaching, Northwest University
Occupation: Nonprofit Executive Director/Founder; LWSD/Community Volunteer; Former LWSD Quest Teacher

As an experienced teacher and parent of LWSD students, I bring a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in our district and a passion to improve our educational system. During my 15 years in this community, I’ve led positive change as an educator, a parent/advocate of neurodivergent children, a school volunteer, and a nonprofit director.


It's time for LWSD to add an educator’s voice and experience to our school board. I’m committed to putting students first, while championing issues we all value such as improved mental health services and sustainability. I will work to increase educator resources to ensure inclusive school environments for all learners. To do so, I’ll improve engagement and collaboration between our district and community. All voices deserve to be heard and respected.


As your representative, I will tirelessly advocate for policies, practices, and funding to ensure our staff and schools have the tools needed to provide exceptional instruction and support to all our students.


Endorsements: King County Democrats; 45th/41st/1st District Democrats; National Women’s Political Caucus-WA; WA-High School Democrats; Senators Kuderer, Stanford, Wellman; Representatives Goodman, Senn, Springer, Thai, Walen; King County Councilmember-Perry; Kirkland Mayor-Sweet; Redmond Mayor-Birney; Sammamish Mayor-Clark; City Councilmembers Black, Curtis, Falcone, Howe, M.Stuart, P.Stuart

Janel Schermerhorn

Janel Schermerhorn

P.O. BOX 3453


(425) 300-0330

Education: BA Psychology, UC Santa Barbara; MBA, San Diego State; MSc Candidate Data-Inequality-Society, University of Edinburgh
Occupation: Parent; Policy, Compliance, Operations Management (retired); community/school/PTSA volunteer

Our excellent schools must respond to societal changes and commit to every student’s success. If elected, I will relentlessly advocate for a high-quality, future-focused education for all, regardless of starting point, background, or path after graduation. This means building systems for academic and social success, like ensuring students can access challenging pathways early and often, see themselves in curriculum and staff, and receive support without separating from peers.


Additionally, we must embrace and adapt to technologies impacting teaching, learning, and career preparation. I will champion district-wide digital literacy that harnesses the benefits and risks of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence.


Finally, I recognize the vital role of mental health in learning success. My advocacy will center on safeguarding student and teacher well-being through comprehensive curriculum, robust support systems, and genuine family/community engagement.


My education, my 25+ years of managing people, operations, policies, and budgets for large corporations, and my commitment to community through nonprofit boards and volunteering have prepared me well for this work. I would be honored to have your vote. Endorsements: National Women’s Political Caucus, King County Democrats, 1/48 LD Democrats, State Representative Springer, Redmond Mayor Birney, former Mayor Marchione, Redmond Councilmembers Forsythe & Anderson, and more.

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