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Lisa Guthrie

Lisa Guthrie

PO BOX 941


(425) 470-3231

Education: B.A. Computer Science, Brown University
Occupation: Principal Program Manager in Developer Division, Microsoft Corporation

Education is a transformative force. Every child deserves to learn in a way that meets their unique needs. My own passion for education has its roots in my grandmother's limited opportunities in segregated schools during the Jim Crow era. She knew she wanted better for my father, and then for me. Her relentless drive and sacrifices enabled us to attend excellent schools on the East Coast.


Since moving into LWSD with my own family 10 years ago, I’ve witnessed the high-quality education offered in public schools here. I’ve also been frustrated by unnecessary hurdles that prevent students from reaching their full potential. Today, these hurdles are often invisible, but they are every bit as real as the ones my grandmother faced.


In my career as a program manager at Microsoft, I’ve learned the importance of actively seeking feedback from various stakeholders and prioritizing resources to drive towards impactful solutions. As an LWSD board director, I will use the skills and experiences I’ve developed at Microsoft and as a parent to make our schools more effective, equitable, and inclusive for all students.


I believe that together, we can make LWSD schools better for everyone. Thanks for your support.

39 en-US Production

TTY: Relay 711

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