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Enumclaw School District No. 216

Director District No. 4

Ben Stouffer

Ben Stouffer

PO Box 612


(253) 569-3340

Education: PSE/JATC Graduate, NECA Superintendent Certification from University of Washington
Occupation: Electrical Construction Superintendent

Our children deserve more. The Enumclaw school district can do better. Less than sixty percent of our children are meeting the basic academic standards. We must focus on their success in order to prepare them for life ahead. Whatever their future might be, higher education, skilled trades, or any other career choice, it builds upon their skill with math, science, and language. Skills that are fact based, and not dependent upon how they might ‘feel.’


If the school board is to guide students through the learning process, the board must work with the teachers, administrators, and parents, serving the community with curriculum and academic transparency. Students’ attendance must improve. Over 30% currently fail to regularly attend. This is unacceptable.


Our community has trusted this district with our children and our tax dollars. We can do better. We must do better. Please vote for a better future…for our kids.

Tonya Pettit

Tonya Pettit

718 GRIFFIN AVE #220


Education: B.A. English
Occupation: Controller, BME

As someone who is deeply involved in this city, I can say that I love Enumclaw and the people who live here. Enumclaw absolutely deserves the best from its schools.


Let’s take a hard look at our budget and allocate our resources responsibly and transparently. Let’s listen to our teachers to get their valuable perspectives on how to make our district the best.  Let’s focus on rigorous academics to prepare students for the real world. No matter what path they choose, I want our students to leave high school with a plan they know how to execute, the confidence to make it happen, and a mastery of basic financial planning and goal setting.


Together, we can take our district to the next level. I will listen to every stakeholder and advocate for concrete, measurable solutions to every challenge and opportunity we face. 

39 en-US Production

TTY: Relay 711

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