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Christina Posten

Christina Posten



Education: Doctoral Student
Occupation: New Mother

As a career teacher and principal, I’ve dedicated my time to schools and communities working with students, families and fellow educators. I am frustrated by the disconnect between Seattle Public Schools and our communities. As a mother, educator and dedicated member of my SPS community, I am here to change that.     


I will work to improve the partnerships and relationships between Seattle Public Schools (SPS) and our communities. We need greater presence from the superintendent and board leaders, transparency in decision making, and increased oversight and accountability on fiscal spending. We must be intentional with efforts to rebuild trust and communication. I will meet students, staff and families in their community. Together we can create understanding and process to address key issues impacting enrollment and funding.


We must stop making excuses and get to the heart of why families are leaving SPS. Providing for our students’ academic and basic needs, including child care, transportation, and specialized services is the right thing to do and will increase enrollment in our schools.


Safety concerns must be met with action. Buildings need updating. Care for our communities must be present in the district's response to incidents and emergencies. Students need equitable access to social and emotional care, anti-racist environments, and culturally responsive academic supports.


I’m not a politician, I’m an educator. I know this district well and I am ready to have hard, respectful conversations with district and community members. I am equipped to help make positive change for our youth and city.

Lisa Rivera Smith

Lisa Rivera Smith

PO BOX 9100


(206) 745-2010

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism/News Editorial; and Minor in Ethics, California State University, Chico
Occupation: School Board Director; Mom, Mutual Aid Volunteer; former Newspaper Reporter

These last few years have been hard for all of us – educators, principals, classified staff, parents, caregivers – but especially for our kids. I am running for re-election because I'm committed to ensuring Seattle Public Schools makes good on its promises of providing students a safe, inclusive and high-quality educational experience.


As the mom of two SPS graduates and one in 2nd grade, I know firsthand the challenges students and educators face in our district. While visiting and volunteering in schools, I have seen the importance of not just attracting qualified teachers, but of retaining them, by giving them the support they need to help students thrive. Every student has unique needs, and that is why I am committed to advocating for increased school funding, strengthening our partnerships with families and community organizations, and codifying every students’ right to have a voice in the decisions that affect them.  


Seattle Public Schools is facing a budget deficit over the next few years, and I want to continue to work with you, and our entire SPS community, to ensure that public input is actively sought out and utilized, in advance of looming tough decisions.


As a woman of color, who grew up poor and faced housing insecurity, I believe that every voice should be heard, especially those of our LGBTQ+, Black, Indigenous, families of color, and those who have historically been underrepresented due to obstacles in participating in our public systems.


I would be honored to have your vote.


Endorsements: King County Democrats; 36th District Democrats; 32nd District Democrats; Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund; State Senator Javier Valdez; Seattle School Board Director Vivian Song Maritz; Shoreline School Board Director Rebeca Rivera; Edmonds School Board Director Carin Chase; Education and Economic Justice Advocate Summer Stinson; The Stranger; and others. Visit

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