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Council Position No. 4

Nigel Keiffer

Nigel Keiffer

3022 NE 193RD ST


(206) 566-3780

Education: Studied at U. of Texas at EL Paso, Technical and Professional Development courses throughout career
Occupation: Property Management, Engineering - Retired

I'm asking for your trust and vote.  I will serve as a fiduciary and defend property rights.  I will not ignore you.


Over the last decade I have witnessed the gradual degradation of governance including the Public Schools.  Woke politicians, administrators and academics are engaged in social engineering, some dedicated to the corruption of school children.  Agendas such as CRT, ESG, DEI, ESJ, BLM, Antiracism, LGBTQ+, Trans Affirming, Equity and Marxist ideology are being indoctrinated into the workplace and schools.  American virtues and values are under attack.  My concerns have fallen on deaf ears.


I campaigned against the City's Prop 1 in Nov. 2000 and again in Nov. 2021.  The City's initiatives failed decisively.  The City's arrogance of silence was deafening. My public service career spanning 48 years was with the City of Seattle, King County and the State of Washington. My expertise included Real Property Admin./Mgmt. and Engineering.

Ellyn Saunders

Ellyn Saunders

PO BOX 82884


Education: Associate Degree in Nursing, Shoreline Community College
Occupation: Registered Nurse, University of Washington Medical Center

Dear Lake Forest Park residents, 


I have lived in Lake Forest Park for 17 years with my husband, Brian, where we have raised our twins.  I am an active community volunteer with the arts, education, LFP Stewardship Foundation and have served on the PTA Board of Directors.  


The past 3 years of my 25-year nursing career have been the most challenging, yet the most enlightening as it has taught me the significance of being an advocate.  I am running for City Council because I am passionate about serving all the people of our community and want to work together to find solutions that are equitable and environmentally sound.  I care deeply about our community and specifically ensuring we have safe streets and sidewalks, clean and accessible parks, affordable housing, and mental health support. I know we can solve our challenges together while maintaining our beautiful environment and quality of life.  

39 en-US Production

TTY: Relay 711

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