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Council Position No. 3

John Boyd

John Boyd

23406 Pacific Coast Hwy S, Suite 106 P.O. Box 3042

Kent, WA 98089

(206) 963-8386

Education: Highline College, Human Service degree with a certification in Chemical Dependency Treatment.
Occupation: Retired, Lead Quality Inspector at Boeing, Drug Counselor, US Navy.

I am running for Kent City Council because I want to help the City of Kent make the right decisions as the City deals with the challenges of growth.  I want Kent to be a better place to live, work, play, and raise a family.


My wife Cheryl and I have lived in Kent for 27 years.  Cheryl is a retired Registered Nurse and our two sons graduated from Kent Meridian High School.  I am a board member for Therapeutic Health Services.  THS is a nonprofit that helps people overcome drug and alcohol dependency, and mental health problems.  At Boeing I supervised a team that ensured the quality of wiring, electronics, and other components inside passenger cabins.


My top priority will be dealing with homelessness and drug and alcohol dependency.  I also want to improve public safety, attract new business, and help get people back to work.  Maintaining fiscal responsibility to make sure your tax dollars are spent wisely is important, too.


I am proud to be endorsed by local Democratic Party organizations, Senators Karen Keiser and Claudia Kauffman, and many more.  However, the endorsement that matters most to me is yours.  I hope I can count on your vote.

Kelly Wiggans-Crawford

Kelly Wiggans-Crawford

PO BOX 263

KENT, WA 98035

(206) 235-4501

Education: Kent-Meridian High School. Bachelor of Arts, Washington State University
Occupation: Certified Paralegal

I was raised on Scenic Hill and lived 22 years in a home on the Green River.  I am not a politician and am not pushing a personal agenda but want what is best for all of Kent.  I am a mom, wife, and concerned citizen with a unique insight into what impacts Kent residents.  I am married to a Navy veteran who is a small business owner.  I am passionate about creating a safe community, addressing homelessness, and encouraging small businesses.


Because of my work experience for both small, family-owned companies and major corporations, I understand the importance of budgeting, finance, and the art of negotiating.  I have brokered deals between the companies I worked for and their customers to create win-win situations.  I am solutions driven and enjoy thinking outside the box to create amicable outcomes.


Through my attendance of the Kent City Council meetings over the last year, I have learned a lot about what it will take to contribute to helping Kent achieve its goal of being a welcoming and great city.  I want to embrace Kent’s diversity, help lend a voice to those communities who do not always get heard, and ensure everyone is represented.

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TTY: Relay 711

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