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Council Position No. 4

Jeremy Nutting

Jeremy Nutting

PO BOX 13502,


(206) 947-0609

Education: Clark Community College, Highline Community College
Occupation: Construction Superintendent and City Councilmember

A 21yr resident and dedicated family man, my wife, Yvonne, and I live here with our daughters, Natalie 17yr & Lilah 15yr. I am a loyal community steward and an active member of multiple City and Charitable Foundation Events and Programs. I pride myself on my commitment to our Students and Seniors who suffer first and most during tough times such as the recent pandemic.


During my 10yrs on the council, I have worked to simplify processes, refine regulations & ordinances and update building & zoning codes, all in an effort to ensure safety for our residents and to attract & retain businesses & jobs in Des Moines.


My focus is to support government services that keep our community safe and running smoothly. Encourage business development and economic growth in our community. Continue to build relationships with residents and businesses to understand their concerns and ensure transparency within the community.

Christine Puzas

Christine Puzas

PO BOX 98718


(206) 604-0966

Education: Highline High & the school of life - guided by Amazing Mentors
Occupation: Serial Entrepreneur, Property Management (HOAs), Construction, Renton/Riverview School Dist.

Des Moines citizens need to be able, once again, to trust our leaders.  Trust that they they'll use data, not opinion, to make crucial decisions about Our future.  Trust that they will be transparent and open to our concerns: that our leaders won't withhold vital information about projects such as the 100-unit, three-story hotel proposed for the middle of our Treasured Marina.  Trust that our Kids' welfare, Our future, Must come first.


As a former successful business owner, I know that the Trust of My customers is Vital.  Open communicationis crucial & We must treat everyone equally.  Businesses outside the Marina District are just as important as those within.  Our leaders must care about the welfare of All kids, Seniors and the Vulnerable.


I pledge to be beholding Only to you, transparency, the law & The Truth.  Trust me: It time for change!  Please trust Me with your vote.

39 en-US Production

TTY: Relay 711

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