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Council Position No. 4

Ryan Burrell

Ryan Burrell

32551 NE 46TH PL


(425) 786-4468

Education: No information submitted
Occupation: Business Analyst

Hi Carnation,


My wife and I have lived in Carnation for 20 years. We love raising our children in our little Snoqualmie Valley town. My kids work at the Carnation Cafe and Harvold Farm as they finish High School. My wife has worked in Snoqualmie Valley government for 20 years, giving me important insight into issues affecting us locally.


In my interim year on the City Council, I have brought a consensus style approach and worked in a constructive manner with council members and city staff. I believe in engaging with the community and listening to your concerns. Being on council is an essential form of civic duty.. The issues Carnation will face in the coming years are significant. My main goal is maintaining our rural character while improving infrastructure and promoting new businesses to our valley. I hope you will consider voting for me. Thanks, Ryan

Max Voelker

Max Voelker

PO BOX 863


(217) 714-6881

Education: Bachelors of Philosophy, Eastern Illinois University
Occupation: Senior Producer, Epic Games

Carnation is a special city. Everyone that comes here, whether lifelong residents, new families just moving into town, or folks passing through on a bike ride up the trail, says that our combination of breathtaking nature, safe streets, neighborly trust, and friendly, open demeanor make us stand out as a truly great place to be. It’s something to be treasured and protected.


I know there’s a lot of talk about growth that is coming, and whether we can hold on to those things through that change. I believe that, together, we can. On the council I will ensure that any growth will be balanced with improvements to infrastructure, as well as work with local businesses and nonprofits to make sure we’re elevating the people and places that we care about.


It’s going to be work, but working together, we can grow intentionally and keep what we love about Carnation. 

39 en-US Production

TTY: Relay 711

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