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Council Position No. 4

Carston Curd

Carston Curd

18007 108TH AVE NE APT C4


(425) 686-9569

Education: B.S. Geology, Western Washington University
Occupation: Licensed Geologist, Salmon Recovery Planner

Together, let’s plan for Bothell’s future. As vice-chair of Bothell’s Planning Commission for the past four years, I'm proud to work toward improving lives, preserving the environment, and expanding housing choices. As the cost of living continues rising, many are being priced out of our area permanently. We must protect our low- and fixed-income neighbors and maintain the things that make Bothell special.


I’m invested in Bothell because of the strong community and pace-of-life. Professionally, I restore the environment for salmon and people. We can protect trees while balancing skyrocketing housing costs, and build safe and reliable transportation networks to reduce traffic and connect neighborhoods. By adopting evidence-based practices and transparent public engagement, Bothell's future can be inclusive, financially responsible, and sustainable for generations to come.


Endorsements: King/Snohomish County Democrats, Senator Stanford, Representatives Duerr & Kloba, County Executive Constantine and Councilmember Balducci, Mayor Thompson, Deputy Mayor Al-Kabra, and many others.

Mark Swanson

Mark Swanson

9301 NE 183RD ST


(206) 999-6544

Education: BS Agricultural Engineering, BS Mechanical Engineering, Volunteer Disaster Responder with First Aid and CPR
Occupation: Retired Engineer

Statement: Save Natural Bothell. Too many apartments going up and trees coming down. Planned traffic increases and not enough required parking per residence.


The rush for urbanization is contrary to the 2022 Bothell Survey; Over 60% of respondents were against the idea. It destroys natural Bothell.  In the December 3rd, 2020 issue of Science it was reported that up to 90% of returning Salmon are dying of a preservative in tire dust! Increasing traffic will be decimating.


2022 analysis of US Census revealed growth at 0.12%. Currently Bothell is growing at Fifty times that rate in defiance of Bothell’s residents. Why? Growth should be natural, not mandated. Federal Way has Five Times the violent crime rate as Bothell. Home prices have spiked, but rents are less today than they were 25 years ago when indexed to minimum wage. I will be transparent, work to save natural Bothell and preserve neighborhoods.

39 en-US Production

TTY: Relay 711

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