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Council Position No. 7

Bil Hirt

Bil Hirt

2615 170TH AVE SE


(425) 747-4185

Education: BS and MS Engineering Iowa State University
Occupation: Boeing Propulsion Engineer 1962-1998

My candidacy is an attempt to attract voters to my blog detailing what Bellevue residents can expect from Sound Transit. 


Next year the ST Starter Line will replace ST550 to South Bellevue P&R. Access will be limited to those within walking distance of Bellevue T/C and East Main station. Riders will be required to transfer from light rail to and from buses at the South Bellevue P&R for the commute into and out of Seattle.


In 2025 ST’s East Link debut will end ST550 and force all I-90 bus riders transfer to light rail on Mercer Island for the commute into and out of Seattle. It’s the “eastside” version of the ST plan to use “voter approved” extensions to replace buses into Seattle; reducing transit capacity into the city and nothing to reduce congestion.


ST will use eastside taxes to help fund a 2nd tunnel rather than use the existing DSTT for those wanting to go beyond CID. The tunnel ends easy access to SeaTac and beyond, spending more than $12B and 6-10 years disrupting Seattle. Part of the reason why the $54B ST3 funding voters approved in 2016 has grown to $160B and continues to grow.

Dave Hamilton

Dave Hamilton

11900 NE 1ST ST, SUITE 300

BELLEVUE, WA 98005-3049

(206) 510-0677

Education: Attended Bellevue College
Occupation: President at Delivery Express Logistics, Inc.

As Bellevue grows and changes, all voices need to be heard as plans are created and decisions are made. I will build on my experience as a longtime business owner, Parks Commissioner, Bellevue Chamber leader, and community volunteer to realize the vision of a welcoming, safe, and prosperous city. As your City Councilmember, I’ll advocate for common sense solutions rooted in shared values. 


We must: Invest in small businesses and attract new employers to Bellevue, while strengthening workforce development and apprenticeship programs. Address public safety to reduce response times, invest in root cause solutions that reduce crime and violence, and expand behavioral health services. Expand affordable housing options so working families and young people can call Bellevue home, and seniors can age in their communities. 


I am proud to be endorsed by: Bellevue Police and Firefighters; Mayor Lynne Robinson; Deputy Mayor Nieuwenhuis, Bellevue Councilmembers Robertson, Stokes, Lee and Zahn; County Executive Dow Constantine; County Councilmembers Claudia Balducci, Reagan Dunn; State Senators Patty Kuderer, Lisa Wellman; State Representatives Walen, Senn, Slatter and Thai; construction trade unions, and many more!   


 I’m committed to working with you to create a Bellevue we can all be proud to call home!

39 en-US Production

TTY: Relay 711

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