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Council Position No. 3

Mo Malakoutian

Mo Malakoutian

PO BOX 3866


(425) 780-6362

Education: PhD Civil and Environmental Engineering & MBA, University of Washington; MS Civil Engineering, Polytechnic University
Occupation: Affiliate Assistant Professor, University of Washington; Senior Program Manager, Amazon

As a Bellevue Planning Commissioner, Wellspring Family Services Board Member, and educator, my focus has always been on breaking down barriers and creating pathways to opportunity. On the City Council, I will apply that experience and passion to ensure that Bellevue remains a welcoming, safe, and diverse city where all residents can thrive.


With your support, I'll bring expertise in technology, engineering, and higher education– as well as a proven dedication to community service– to address the opportunities and challenges in our growing city. I'm committed to balanced solutions that meet the needs of our neighborhoods while ensuring affordability for both longtime residents and future generations.


As your voice on the Council, I'll prioritize public health and safety, ramping up proven behavioral health and gun violence prevention strategies. I’ll also partner regionally to scale effective homelessness solutions and housing affordability options for seniors and working families. I’ll advocate for transportation and transit investments, and root all decisions in transparency and accountability.


Endorsed: Bellevue Firefighters; King County & Local Democrats; MLK Labor; Realtors; Congressmembers DelBene & Smith; 41st & 48th Legislators; County Executive Constantine & Councilmember Balducci; Mayor Robinson; Councilmembers Barksdale, Robertson, Stokes & Zahn; local businesses; community leaders; and more!

Alex Tsimerman

Alex Tsimerman

14150 NE 20th St

Bellevue, WA 98007

Education: College, University, Master's Degree in Engineering; Management. Total 20-years in school and assistant Professor.
Occupation: Lifetime businessman, owned several companies and a business consultant.

Trump, America First, USA!! Make Bellvue Great Again!! It’s now in the center of fascism! Dem-Nazi-Fascist-Mafia + Amazon + Real Estate owner will bring 30,000 jungle slaves. Price for traffic, gas, rent, housing, food, crime and services go through the roof. 100,000 low income people will be displaced. 90% will pay everything. Total collapse. Stop Fascism with idiotic face.


Bellevue now number one city in America where white people, Jewish and Christian heritage now a minority. It is a pure holocaust and genocide. 85% people vote for Dem-Nazi-Fascist-Mafia. That is the same % that voted for Hitler, Nazi, Gestapo in 1939 Germany. Both parties bring the people to total collapse.


I speak now to freaking slaves and happy cows. Stop electing Democrats who for the last 20-years made our lives miserable and is worse year by year. These happy cows like to pay $6 for gas, double for rent & housing, triple for food and crime. Bellevue now looks like after a hurricane, builders everywhere. People right now cannot afford $30,000 - 40,000 rent per year.


Vote for Alex Tsimerman who is American and Bellevue Citizen for more than 35+ years. StandUp-America! Make Bellevue Great Again!! Now! Now! Now!

39 en-US Production

TTY: Relay 711

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