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Troy Linnell

Troy Linnell

214 8TH AVE N

ALGONA, WA 98001

(253) 737-8069

Education: No information submitted
Occupation: Current Mayor / Retired

Occupation: Retired, 30+ years Class-A Truck Industry General Manager


Algona needs a mayor who will advocate for our interests in projects requiring regional collaboration, support city employees’ efforts, and ensure city priorities reflect citizens’ needs. I hope to continue working on behalf of residents as Mayor. I firmly believe in our city’s bright future and want to help it grow.


My wife and I have lived in the area for 40+ years and in Algona for 17. Our children and grandchildren also live here, inspiring me to work towards the Algona’s future. I served on City Council for seven years, becoming Mayor in January. I’ve supported: resolving flooding via storm drain improvement and cleaning the Highway 167 ditch; improving city streets; upgrading old water and sewer lines; and developing housing and parks. Strong leadership will embrace the future while protecting the character of our “small city with a big heart.

Mathew Bailey

Mathew Bailey


ALGONA, WA 98001

(253) 294-1437

Occupation: Public Works Operations

Leadership means listening to everyone, shelving personal agendas and representing All of the people. That’s how I’ll lead when serving as your Mayor of City of Algona.


If we want to address the many problems facing us here at home—drugs, crime, failing infrastructure and, lack of code enforcement —we need leaders who understand and are willing to reach out to every neighbor forming partnerships with our residents, our businesses and our community to find solutions. Balancing all our needs as Algona residents. 


The need to expand our tax base. A thriving business community broadens our tax base bringing good paying jobs with benefits and allows us to fund our, community center, police, and public works department. It’s all about quality of life.

39 en-US Production

TTY: Relay 711

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