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Maren Costa

Maren Costa

PO BOX 16225


Education: B.A. in English & Women Studies; post-grad certificate in User-Centered Design, UW
Occupation: Senior Leader in Tech and Mom

We'll all face the choice to put others first someday. In 2020, Amazon put warehouse workers in deadly conditions and was failing to act on climate change. As a dedicated employee and mom, I wanted Amazon to do better, and wanted to show my kids the importance of doing what’s right. I put my career on the line and led thousands of my coworkers to take an unprecedented stand. I outlined a plan to win, did the work, and delivered results. Our actions led to Amazon’s Climate Pledge, Bezos’s $10 billion Earth Fund, and increased worker safety.


Now I want to help Seattle rise to the challenges of our times. We must make rapid and meaningful progress on safety, homelessness, affordability, and climate change. There are more unsheltered people on our streets than ever. Immediately, we need to increase stable permanent housing and coordinate with regional partners to ensure that those experiencing homelessness have paths to necessary resources.


We need to feel safe in our neighborhoods and parks. We can have police and alternative responses; lead with compassion and refuse to tolerate harmful behavior; and tackle poverty, mental illness, and addiction so that crime decreases. I will be a strong advocate for bringing response times down, while ending racial bias and excessive force.


Climate change is here and our city isn’t ready. With new federal funding, I will help lead our city to reduce emissions and protect residents from heatwaves, smoke, and flooding.


My vision for Seattle is to establish holistic public safety, end homelessness, and lead the nation into the new green economy. Together we can build a safe, equitable, sustainable city for all. I hope to earn your vote.


Endorsements: King County Democrats, MLK Labor, Councilmember Mosqueda, UFCW 3000, The Stranger, The Urbanist, Sierra Club, and many more.

Rob Saka

Rob Saka

401 2ND AVE S STE 303


Education: UC Law San Francisco, J.D.; University of Washington, B.A. Political Science
Occupation: Attorney, Former Appointed Member of Seattle Police Chief Search Committee

My name is Rob Saka and I’d be honored to serve you. I am a public school dad of three, attorney, community safety advocate, Air Force Veteran, and the proud son of a Nigerian immigrant and former warehouse worker who rescued me from foster care and raised me as a single father. 


I believe in safe communities and better policing. Everyone has a right to feel safe in their neighborhood, free of crime or unequal justice. We must enact Both effective prevention strategies And appropriate response capabilities to meet the realities of today’s public safety challenges.


While growing up, I lived in public and low-income housing. These experiences taught me that everyone deserves safe, quality affordable housing in a thriving community. A severe lack of housing for people at all income levels means that those at the bottom are suffering the most. We must build more affordable housing, particularly low-income housing and workforce housing for middle income residents.


As a former foster kid, I know what it’s like to be completely uprooted and swept away. We must do better for our unhoused neighbors. Sadly, the homelessness crisis in our city has devolved into a total humanitarian catastrophe. It is our moral imperative to take urgent action and find people housing and treatment now. 


At City Hall, I’ll normalize collaborating across differences, finding common ground, and getting bold things accomplished that work for everyone. I know there is a better way forward for Seattle, and I couldn’t be more energized at the opportunity we have to do it together! 


Endorsed by The Seattle Times, 34th District Democrats, King County Councilmember Girmay Zahilay, State Representative Chipalo Street, former 34th Rep. Eileen Cody, Cameron Moores (Owner of C&P Coffee), John and Amy Bennett (Owners of Portage Bay Cafe), and many more!

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