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Julie Wise

Julie Wise

PO BOX 12066


Education: Proud Graduate of Green River Community College; Certified Washington State and National Election Administrator
Occupation: Current King County Director of Elections and 23-year election administrator

Your confidence in our elections is crucial - to me, to my team and to the future of democracy. I am committed to removing barriers to voting and work each day to ensure our elections are secure and accessible. I have spent the last 23 years as an election administrator and bring the experience and depth of knowledge needed to run successful elections for all 1.4 million voters in our county. 


Since taking office, I have overseen more than 30 elections, earning the trust and respect of voters and colleagues from across the political spectrum. I bring a passion for fostering an inclusive and transparent democratic process. Under my leadership, both our voting system and community outreach have been modernized to enhance accessibility and voter participation. The Voter Education Fund has set a new model of community partnership by providing funds and training to community organizations doing non-partisan voter registration and education in historically marginalized communities. I’ve increased the number of ballot drop boxes from 10 to nearly 80 and advocated in Olympia and in D.C. to ensure every person has meaningful access to their right to vote.


I have brought in experts from the Department of Homeland Security to audit our practices and increase security. I have partnered with leaders of both political parties to ensure consistent, bipartisan oversight of our elections. We have developed an incredible team of trained, professional election administrators who work tirelessly to ensure absolutely every ballot has been counted and is accounted for.


As we move forward, I remain committed to improving our voting experience and maintaining a steadfast, transparent, and nonpartisan department. Thank you for participating in our democratic process and exercising your right to vote. I ask for your vote and your continued support as we forge a path forward together.

Doug Basler

Doug Basler

PO BOX 6145

KENT, WA 98064

(877) 427-6534

Education: Central Valley HS Spokane Valley, WA. Multnomah University Portland, OR
Occupation: President at Prologue Digital Inc

Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all agree on one thing: Our elections need to be transparent, secure, and publicly verified. It’s no secret that a large cross section of the voting public has questions regarding the overall election process. Doug Basler is committed to restore trust in our voting system through responsible transparency and by actively working to include citizen oversight, balanced audits of our systems and processes, and properly maintained voter registration rolls so that everyone is confident that our elections are free, fair, and verified.


Doug Basler has been a corporate business leader for many years and is uniquely qualified to lead and properly administrate the team of professionals who work at King County Elections to ensure every vote is counted exactly as the voter intended.


Election integrity is key to maintaining our citizen-led democratic republic. I am committed to be sure that every aspect of the election process is overseen with energy and professionalism so that King County Elections will be viewed nationwide as a pristine example of the way elections should be held. I will work to quickly answer public requests for information while maintaining strict voter anonymity and privacy.


If you believe that our elections are worth rigorous oversight, vote for Doug Basler.


If you believe that every legal vote should be counted exactly as the voter intended, vote for Doug Basler.


If you believe that citizen oversight is critical to maintaining the integrity of our elections, vote for Doug Basler. If you believe that elections should be transparent, secure, and publicly verified, vote for Doug Basler. Please vote for Doug Basler for Director of Elections in King County.

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