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Seattle School Director District No. 6

Director District No. 6

Rosie McCarter

Rosie McCarter

9021 35TH AVE SW, 403


(206) 383-9339

Education: WSA Parent Ambassadors
Occupation: Shelter Counselor at New Horizons Ministries

My name is Rosie she/her/they/them/their pronouns.Thank you for this opportunity. I work at New Horizons Ministries with homeless young adults and a few grassroots organizations. I am running because I feel like low income familes which make up a significant majority of the population of Seattle aren't being heard nor truly represented. Also I am tired of the dumpster fire we call the education system. We are failing the children and disproportionally kids that are part of the BIPOC communities. Not to mention low income families and the kids that qualify for special education and those furthest from educational justice. I am considered 'low-income' born and raised. Sitting below the poverty line. I am a Native, a proud Cherokee and Nez Perce . A member and family in the  LGBTQIA 2 spirit community. I am neurodiverse as is my youngest. Which has received or are receiving special education services. As low-income my family depends on free meals at school, Apple Health, and Food Stamps. No one knows or understands the struggles of poverty like someone who's lived it or is living it. I feel that anywhere decisions are being made everyone should be present and have a say. My lived experience tells me that now is the best time to run for the school board position. I have the knowledge and skills bestowed upon me by amazing programs like Policy Council with the PSESD, The Agents of Change Cohort, and most importantly Washington State Association of head start and early head start Parent Ambassadors program. They have provided me with the tools I need to work with my communities and advocate for them. I hope you will allow me to do that. 

Gina Topp

Gina Topp



(253) 691-0135

Education: University of Washington: Bachelor's Degree, Biology; Juris Doctor; Master's Degree, Tax Law
Occupation: Lawyer and West Seattle mom; former Counsel, MLK County Executive

Growing up in Washington, I experienced firsthand the struggles of our underfunded schools. Still, my life was transformed by the teachers and counselors who went above and beyond to support me. Now, as I prepare to send my daughter into the same underfunded system, like many other parents, I’m worried.

Seattle Public Schools faces a staggering $131 million budget shortfall for the 2023-2024 school year. The board is discussing cutting buses and music programs, laying off teachers, and even closing schools. It’s clear we need experienced leaders prepared to tackle these issues head-on with innovative solutions and an unwavering commitment to our kids.

I am well equipped to help bring stability and transformation to our schools, restoring parental and community confidence. As chief legal counsel and policy advisor to the King County Executive, I managed complex policy and budget challenges - working to prioritize equity, accountability, and delivery of services.

With your vote, my top priorities will be: 1) Ensuring equity in education for all students, regardless of their background, so that every child has the opportunity to succeed; 2) Cultivating safe, inclusive, and welcoming environments, where every student feels valued and respected; 3) Empowering educators through comprehensive support and fostering their professional growth, recognizing their critical role in shaping our children's future; 4) Engaging parents and communities to create a collaborative educational system that restores confidence in the governance of our district, and reflects the diverse needs and perspectives of our city.

Together, I believe we can create a Seattle Public Schools system where parents and students look forward to the start of each school day.

I am grateful to have early endorsements from local leaders including Executive Dow Constantine, State Representatives Emily Alvarado and Joe Fitzgibbon, and Seattle School Board Director Leslie Harris.

Maryanne Wood

Maryanne Wood

2703 57TH AVE SW


(206) 910-3337

Education: Bachelor of Agricultural Science Washington State University, Early Childhood Development, South Seattle Community College
Occupation: Advocate for Women in Recovery for 35 years

Statement:  40-year West Seattle resident, 3 grandchildren in Seattle Public Schools (SPS), 1 with special needs.

Restoring confidence in our schools that have lost the support of families and communities they serve is key. Parents, students, and teachers need to be better informed and consulted about education demands and budget priorities. SPS's decision making process lacks transparency. Elect me to the School Board and I will work tirelessly to change that. 

Seattle Public Schools faces declining enrollments, budget deficits, elimination of resources and programs, possible closures, consolidation, teacher and staff layoffs according to an article published by the Seattle Times in April of 2023.  SPS is facing an estimated $131 million deficit for 2023-24 and $92 million for 2024-25 yet they are still planning to construct large, one-size-fits-all buildings to replace aging schools.

I live by Alki Elemetary which is proposed for a giant expansion despite city declining enrollment. This will harmfully close other schools. I will vote to halt and dial back this project. There are similar harmful projects at Montlake and Rogers Elementaries.

The new schools provide no parking for staff or parents. ADA parking is insufficient.The Alki school rebuild and remodel is an example of this.  I will work tirelessly to  make sure projects are scaled back if they can't be paid for or don't have full community support.  If you can't get your chilld to the school, they can't be educated.

Endorsed by Vicki Schmitz, whose family donated the land for Schmitz Park Elementary, Mia Jacobson, canidate for City Counsel District 1, Jennifer Reyes, Commercial Real Estate Profesional.

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