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Bellevue School District No. 405

Director District No. 2

Carolyn Watson

Carolyn Watson

15127 NE 24th Street, PMB 101


Education: BA Anthropology, SUNY Albany; MBA Finance, Indiana University; graduate work in Applied Anthropology, American University
Occupation: Incumbent; PTSA Council; Former: Software Developer, College Instructor, VIBES Tutor.

I am committed to providing the excellent education for which Bellevue is known and doing so in a manner that is equitable. I will continue my commitment to providing a holistic education that balances the academic as well as emotional and mental health needs of all our students, including the most marginalized, and those with special needs, whether visible or invisible.

I began this commitment pre-pandemic and seek another term to continue to ensure our students not only do well but that they thrive. Having worked to select our incoming Superintendent, I look forward to collaborating with our educators and staff towards creative and innovative approaches and ideas.

I believe fiscal responsibility is critical to ensuring exemplary educational experiences and protecting the critical resources needed for mental health counselors and nurses. As part of my commitment to responsible oversight and governance, I meet with the state auditors every year and update our financial policies with guidance from our equity advisory committee.

Every student should feel valued and supported on their path to their future dreams, whether college, trade school, or job. Endorsements: BEA, 41st Democrats, Senator Kuderer, Representative Thai, Councilmember Balducci. Recognitions: PTA Golden Acorn; State PTSA Gold Level Leadership.

James vanRosmalen

James vanRosmalen

16819 NE 35TH PL


(253) 267-2565

Education: BA English - Cal State Fullerton, MBA - Pacific Lutheran University
Occupation: Hardware Test Engineer (formerly Microsoft)

I've been a parent of 2 children in BSD for 13 years now. They attended the Integrated Preschool at Phantom Lake, K-5 at Ardmore, and are at Big Picture Middle and High School respectively. It's been difficult during that time to see so many stakeholders in our community going without. Parents shouldn't have to fight the district for Special Education services, reliable bus transportation or functional restroom facilities. Teachers shouldn't have to commute an hour because there is no affordable housing and wages have not kept up. Students shouldn't have to feel unwelcome due to race, language, disability, gender identity, or economic status.

I'm running for the board to use my privilege to give underserved communities a platform. I believe there should be a voice for families from Title I schools, families receiving special education services, and families where attending college is unlikely. I will not be raising any money for this campaign, and have failed to gain endorsements because I am often a loud dissenting voice lacking the polish of a politician.

I am hoping you are open to hearing a different perspective. Proudly disabled, neurodivergent, LGBTQIA+, anti-gun, and a product of student loans and manual labor.

Ryan Sugden

Ryan Sugden

15127 NE 24TH ST #821


(206) 809-0739

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Certified Public Accountant
Occupation: CPA specialized in Restaurant accounting for small businesses

Equity is an accounting term. It means ownership (as in, “How much equity do you have in your house?”) I intend to give families in District Two ownership in their educational choices.

District Two includes Ardmore Elementary, where I serve on the PTSA. Ardmore is a community of families diverse economically, culturally, and linguistically. The whole Bellevue School District would benefit from hearing this community’s voice on the board. I am running to amplify their voices.

With middle school closures planned for next year, it’s critical that new perspectives be added to the board and that we have increased dialogue with the families of District Two and their educational choices.

As an accountant, I have the background to approach the District’s financial situation from a fiscally responsible perspective. And as a Parent from the Ardmore community, I understand how these decisions will impact the members of our community with the fewest resources. In my work for our PTSA, I’ve helped to overcome the barriers families face when cultural and language differences could prevent full participation in the community.

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TTY: Relay 711

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